Links & Resources

This page has resources and fun links. For stuff from my own work, see my research pages.

Links for Astronomers:

  • Simbad & Vizier:
    Online database for the Astronomer in everyone.
  • Star Catalogs:
    A guide to the most popular Astronomical catalogs
  • Astrobetter:
    Blog for all astro folks
  • JSkyCalc:
    A convenient, portable observing aid by Dr. Thorstensen

Python in Astronomy.

Due to my stubbornness in sticking with the Python programming language and as such use the following sites for analysis of my astronomical data.


Python in Astronomy.





Fun Stuff:

  • APOD:
    Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • Katya Said NAO!:
    An interesting and crazy fun picture blog from an equally crazy friend.
  • Horoscopes à la Rahul:
    The stars have spoken to me --> it will change your world (psst... Dalissa).