Listed below are some data analysis tools that I've written myself to help me conduct my research. The codes are all in Python since I don't feel that my IDL scripts are "clean" enough to post. Feel free to check them out and download them.

WARNING! I am not a programmer by trade so the scripts may not be the most efficient or effective version of what is written. If you find any bugs or wish to leave me comments about the codes, please feel free to do so. At the same time, there are a few portions of the code that are taken from helpful sources and placed in my files for portability sake (e.g. mpfit, and parts of astLib). So please read some of the internal documentation and cite when necessary.

Required Packages (see Links page for additional resources):

  • Python 2.6, 2.7
  • Numpy, Scipy
  • Readcol

Python Scripts:

  • Astro Tools: Work in progress. Currently contains equatorial to galactic coordinate transformation, as well as physical constants widely used in astronomy/physics.
  • Set Comparisons: Produces intersection and union of elements in two files/input arrays
  • Mosaic Tools: Hodgepodge of tools which include scripts in my planet detectability simulations, as well as: Plot formatting with Matplotlib, Array Manipulation, Read & Write scripts, Statistical Analysis tools, Fitting tools which includes
  • Stellar PM Calculator: Code to update stellar positions.
  • Spectral Energy Distribution:: Tools for all your SED plotting/calculating.



 Last updated: 10/2014