PRESENTATIONS: TOPICS AND DAYS        (1 person on Mon and 2 people on Wed)

 April 2 - (M 2pm)

Rachel Hock:
"Fluid dynamics of planetary rings"

April 4 - (W 9:15am)

Kasandra Jorgensen :
"The dynamo effect"

Ben Zeiger:
"Wind-driven bubbles"

April 16 - (M 2pm) 

Peter Robinson:
"Accretion in Gamma-Ray Bursts"

April 23  - (M 2pm) 

Adrienne Dove:
"Planetary Nebulae"

April 25 - (W 9:15am)

Juthika Khargharia:
"Accretion in Binaries"

Ting Yan:
"Protoplanetary disks"

April 30: -(M 2pm)

Margaret Mitter
"Atmospheric dynamics of Jupiter"

May 2  - (W 9:15am)

Kyle Augustson:
 "Proto-Neutron Star Internal Structure and Equations of State"

Richard Urata:
"Applications of fluid Instabilities"