Welcome to the Mount Stony Brook Observatory!

Mount Stony Brook Observatory (MTSB) is our .35meter (14 inch) telescope on the roof of the Earth and Space Sciences Building. Although we are not really a mountain, our observatory has several advantages over large telescopes. The main advantage is availablity.

MTSB is currently used for research and teaching during the school year and for fun during the summers. Our weather prohibits serious summer observing since we are so close to the waters of Long Island Sound.

There are several on going projects at MTSB.
Please feel free to check the following areas:

Technical details of the telescope and CCD camera systems in use

The Care and Feeding of the Mount Stony Brook Observatory
(With J.G. Petreshock and S.J.Wolk: inhouse, 1994)

Telescope Scheduling

The Messier Marathon

Monitoring of naked T-Tauri stars

Monitoring of Variable stars

Westinghouse Projects

Public Open Nights

MTSB Staff

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