CEN 511: Recent Discoveries in Astronomy

Spring 2004

Tu 5:20-8:10, ESS 069

  • 3 May: Paper grades and tentative final grades are now posted. The final grade will be updated after the last quiz is graded. I have decided to keep the policy of dropping 3 quiz grades.
  • 17 March: NOTE that important changes to the syllabus have occurred. The due date for the term report is now moved to 13 April from 2 April. Papers handed in between 14 April and 20 April are downgraded by 1 letter grade. Papers handed in between 21 April and 27 April are downgraded by 2 letter grades. Papers handed in between 28 April and 7 May are downgraded by 3 letter grades. No papers accepted after 7 May. Also note that the syllabus has changed. Lecture for 23 March is moved to 13 April, lectures for 30 April and 13 April moved forward.