AST200: Research Seminar in Astronomy

Spring 2019

Meets W 5:30 -- 6:30, ESS 450

This is a special topics seminar focusing on research activities and opportunities in astronomy. Astronomical Research at SB is a one credit seminar course which provides an opportunity for freshman and sophomores interested in astronomy to interact with astronomy faculty and other researchers at the university. This course begins with a general introduction to astronomy and research, followed by a series of discussions with faculty members about their present research. Such a format provides a natural starting point for students to consider the pursuit of faculty-sponsored research early in their undergraduate career. Attendance will be taken. Students should take notes of the presentation and any discussions. After each class, the students will write a brief (2-3 paragraph) summary of the presentation and discussion, which could include any questions you might want the speaker or me to answer on the presented topics. These must be submitted to Blackboard by the following Tuesday at midnight. No late responses will be accepted. I will open assignment links on Blackboard each week where you should upload your summaries. The final grades will be based on attendance and these summaries. Documented excuses will be considered.

Here is a syllabus with topics and speakers. It will be updated, as not all the slots have been filled yet.

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