PHY 523: Galaxies (Spring 2011)

AST 101: Introduction to Astronomy (Fall & Spring 2010)

This course is designed to provide an introduction to astrophysics for non‐majors. We will learn about various astronomical objects such as stars, galaxies, black holes as well as taking a look at our current understanding of the cosmos as a whole. This course will not cover planetary astronomy (covered in AST105).

PHY 522: Interstellar Medium (Fall 2009)

The interstellar medium (ISM) is the gas and dust anywhere (almost everywhere) in space from the early Universe to the present. PHY522 covers the physical processes that determine the properties and behavior of the ISM, and the processes that makes the ISM observable. The goals of this course are to understand the basic physical principles necessary to pursue research in the ISM, and more broadly in astrophysics. The course is divided into four parts: radiative processes, dynamical processes, evolutionary processes, and interstellar chemistry.