Eta Car Spectroscopic Monitoring

SMARTS Spectroscopic Monitoring of eta Car, 2004 - 2010

The data presented here were obtained with the SMARTS/CTIO 1.5m RC spectrograph. These data were taken using grating 26 (4.3A resolution), with a wavelength range encompassing 3700-5200A.

The first spectrum with this setup was obtained on 2004 June 22; there are 118 spectra with this setup through 2010 April 25.

Data are normalized (crudely) to the continuum; small changes in spectral slope are calibration issues.

eta Car fills the 1.5~arcsec slit; much of the emission in nebular.

As observed:

As observed (scaled to show the lines):

Linearly interpolated to 3 day centers: