Observing Run at Mauna Kea, November 2007

I. Getting There

Clouds in the midwest
Snow in Wyoming
Green River canyon
Mono Lake
Lake Tahoe
Hetch Hetchy
Final approach to runway 28R at SFO over the bay
Weather conditions in Kona HI
Global warming anyone?
South San Francisco
San Francisco
Southwest Hawaii

II. Mauna Kea

Keck and Subaru at sunset, Nov 29 2007
Haleakala, Maui
Gemini and UH 88" in winter
Mauna Loa
Left: CFHT open for business
Center: IRTF
Right: CSO
Snow in Hawaii
shadow of the Earth
Jackie observing
The destination
Jackie hiking
Hale Pohaku
IFR conditions
getting closer...
Jackie's hideaway

III. The Humuula Trail

Moon over cinder cone
The Old Summit Road
Humuula trailhead
going up
looking back towards Mauna Loa
Dangerous territory
Looking down on Hale Pohaku
Still climbing
The saddle
Are we there yet?
Looking back
Left: lava flows on Mauna Loa
Right: the roadway in the distance
Adze quarry
Not yet...
(paralleling the roadway)
Looking Down
As far as I got.
Driving to the summit
Mountain Shadow
Sentries of the night
Mauna Loa
IRTF at sunset
sunset, Dec 1 2007
Mauna Kea ridgeline