updated: 3/5/94

Version 3 of the ICUR spectral analysis package is now ready for distribution. ICUR is a generalized program which permits the user to display and measure spectra. It is written in IDL. It has been extensively tested under VMS ([VAXStation 3100; 4000; DEC 3000 alpha] running IDL versions 2.2.2 through 5.1), under UNIX ([Sparcstation, DECStation 3100, DEC 3000 alpha] running IDL version 2.1 through 5.3), and under LINUX (Pentium PCs running IDL version 5.3).

ICUR is a cursor-oriented spectral display and analysis program. Options are initiated with single keystrokes on the keyboard (no more typing procedure names and arguments!). ICUR is designed to simplify display and examination of one-dimensional spectra. It permits smoothing and scaling of the data. Spectra can be compared directly, and manipulated (to show residuals or ratios). ICUR incorporates a number of simple line measurements, including wavelengths, centroids, equivalent widths, and FWHMs. There is a CURFIT-based line fitting option, which will fit a quadratic background and up to 5 gaussian lines.

Among the major changes since the last release are:

- A new data file format. This format is machine- and architecture-independent. Data files written on any machine are readable in ICUR running on any other machine. - New line fitting options. - New options include continuum filtering and cross correlation analyses. - Improved organization to remove device-specific references, and elimination of all VMS-specific calls. - Improved help files.

Documentation is available in this postscript file.

You can copy ICUR to your home institution for installation or testing, by downloading the following files: