AST 443 / PHY 517 : Observational Techniques

Fall 2020

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Instructor: Professor F.M. Walter (632-8232;

The class is scheduled to meet Mondays and Wednesdays 4-6:50 PM, in Physics P118.

Undergraduate Prerequisites: AST 203; PHY 277; WRT 102

Astronomers explore the universe by detecting and analyzing photons with energies ranging from about 51 Joules to 10-9eV, or a range of about 30 orders of magnitude. One needs very different techniques over this range. We concentrate on techniques for detection of photons from gamma-ray energies (up to a few GeV) to the radio.

This is partly a lecture course, but mostly a laboratory course. Grades will be based on a combination of homework and projects.

Topics covered:

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