• Jose Miguel Bautista (2023) Properties of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in the Coma Cluster
  • Jiani Ye (2022) Advisor: W. Farr
    Cosmic Expansion History Studies From Population Analysis of Gravitational Wave Events
  • Michael Ray (2022) Masters, Advisor: R. Perna
    A Classification of Time-Variable Absorption of Gamma-Ray Bursts In Active Galactic Nuclei Accretion Disks
  • Shuang Liang (2022) Advisor: A. von der Linden
    Photometry and Blends—The Rubin Photo-z Challenges
    position after graduation: Rubin Observing Specialist (Chile / Stanford)
  • Lucie Baumont (2022) Advisor: A. von der Linden
    Cluster Cosmology with Targeted Weak-Lensing Observations
    position after graduation: postdoc at CEA Saclay
  • Dongwon Han (2021) Advisor: N. Sehgal
    Frontiers of CMB Analysis, Simulations, and Systematics Mitigation for a Sharper Image of the Universe
    position after graduation: postdoc at Cambridge University
    current position: Data Scientist at Inigo (London)
  • Tianqi Zhao (2021) Advisor: J. Lattimer
    The Equation of State of Neutron Star Matter From Considerations of Neutron Matter, Gravitational Waves and X-Ray Observations
    position after graduation: postdoc at Ohio University
  • Xinlong Li (2021) Advisor: M. Zingale
    3-D Simulation of Convection in an Electron-capture O-Ne Core
    position after graduation: JP Morgan
  • Charles Eder (2021) Masters, Advisor: A. Calder
    On Applying Theoretical Supernova Results to Cosmology
  • Maria Barrios Sazo (2020) Advisor: M. Zingale
    Studies toward the modeling of White Dwarf Mergers and Magnetohydrodynamics
    position after graduation: Research Software Engineer, University of Oslo
  • Chaitanya Prasad (2020), Masters, Advisor: J. Lattimer
    Hybrid Neutron Stars
  • Zhan Hengrui (2019), Masters, Advisor: M. Zingale
    Implementation of an Improved Multipole Expansion Method
  • Sydney Andrews (2019) Masters, Advisor: A. Calder
    The Nucleosynthetic Yields of Core-Collapse Supernovae and the Next Generation of Gamma-Ray Astronomy
  • Shuang Liang (2018) Masters, Advisor: A. von der Linden
    Photometric calibration of u-band imaging using blue halo stars
  • Donald Willcox (2018) Advisor: A. Calder
    The Single Degenerate Progenitor Scenario for Type Ia Supernovae and the Convective Urca Process
    position after graduation: postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Taeho Ryu (2018) Advisor: R. Perna
    Study of formation of binary black holes, their interactions with surroundings and their mergers
    position after graduation: postdoc at Johns Hopkins
  • Mu-Hung Chang (2017) Masters, Advisor: M. Zingale
    Application of Spectral Deferred Correction for 1-D Astrophysical Detonation
  • Melissa Hoffman (2016) Masters, Advisor: A. Calder
    Uncertainty Quantification in MESA WD Models
    position after graduation: data analyst at NRAO
  • Adam Jacobs (2016) Advisor: M. Zingale
    The Explosive Possibilities of Little Dwarfs: Low-Mach Number Modeling of Thin Helium Shells on Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarfs
    position after graduation: postdoc at JINA/MSU
  • Maximilian Katz (2016) Advisor: M. Zingale
    White Dwarf Mergers on Adaptive Meshes
    position after graduation: NVIDIA Corporation
  • Mathew Syriac Madhavacheril (2016) Advisor: N. Sehgal
    Exploring the Dark Universe with Cosmic Microwave Background and Optical Data
    position after graduation: postdoc at Princeton and Perimeter
    current position: Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania
  • Rahul Patel (2015) Advisor: S. Metchev
    The Census of Warm Debris Disks in theSolar Neighborhood from WISE and Hipparcos
    position after graduation: postdoctoral scholar at Caltech
    current position: Research Scientist at Center for Naval Analyses; Research Scientist at Trusted Space Inc.
  • Melissa Louie (2015) Advisor: J. Koda
    Evolution of Gas Across Spiral Arms in the Whirlpool Galaxy
    position after graduation: Data Scientist at Pymetrics
  • Matt Wahl (2013) Masters, Advisor: S. Metchev
    Performance Verification and Early Science with the PALM-3000 Extreme Adaptive Optics System on the Palomar Hale 5m Telescope: Resolved Imaging of the Dusty Debris Disk Around the Star HD 141569A
  • Brendan Krueger (2012) Advisor: A. Calder
    Multidimensional Simulations of Type Ia Supernovae and Classical Novae
    position after graduation: postdoc at CEA Saclay
    current position: staff at LANL
  • Yeunhwan Lim (2012) Advisor: J. Lattimer
    Theory of nuclear matter of neutron stars and core collapsing supernovae
    position after graduation: postdoc position in South Korea
    current position: Assistant Professor at Ewha Womans University (Seoul, S. Korea)
  • Josh Schlieder (2011) Advisor: M. Simon
    New Low-Mass Members of Nearby Young Moving Groups
    position after graduation: postdoc at Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
    current position: Staff, NASA-GSFC
  • Charlotte Mielke (2011) Masters, Advisor: J. Lattimer
    Strange Stars in the MIT Bag Model
  • Chris Malone (2011) Advisor: M. Zingale
    Multidimensional Simulations of Convection Preceding a Type I X-ray Burst
    position after graduation: postdoc at UCSC
    current position: staff at LANL
  • Tatjana Vavilkin (2011) Advisor: A. Evans
    The Nature of Optically-Luminous Stellar Clusters in a Large Sample of Luminous Infrared Galaxies
  • Aaron Jackson (2011) Advisor: A. Calder
    Exploring Systematic Effects in Thermonuclear Supernovae
    position after graduation: NRC Postdoc at Naval Research Lab
    current position: industry
  • Jackie Faherty (2010) Advisor: F. Walter
    The Brown Dwarf Kinematics Project
    current position: Sr. Scientist, Dept. of Astrophysics, AMNH
  • Joern Wilhelm (2010) Masters, Advisor: J. Koda
    SPH Simulations of Spiral Galaxy Interarm Structure
  • Jinmi Yoon (2008) Advisor: D. Peterson
    Rotation and Evolution of A and F stars
    current position: Senior Staff Astronomical Data Scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
  • Kyujin Kwak (2007) Advisor: D. Swesty
    Numerical Study of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Relativistic Radiation Hydrodynamics Simulation
    current position: Assistant Professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
  • Chad Bender (2006) Advisor: M. Simon
    Dynamical Masses of Low Mass Spectroscopic Binary Stars
    position after graduation: NRC Postdoc at Naval Research Lab
    current position: Research Astronomer, Department of Astronomy, U. Arizona
  • Matthew Carmell (2005) Advisor: M. Prakash (co-advisor: J. Lattimer)
    The equation of state of supernova matter current position: Managing Director and Co-Founder of Scylla Energy
  • Gail Schaefer (2004) Advisor: M. Simon
    Dynamical Masses of Pre-Main Sequence Stars
    Prizes: 2005 ASNY Graduate Student Research Prize
    current position: Assoc. Director, CHARA Array, GSU
  • Stefano Venturini (2004) Advisor: P. Solomon
    The molecular gas content of ultraluminous infrared galaxies
  • William Sherry (2003) Advisor: F. Walter
    The Young low-Mass Population of Orion's Belt
    current position: post doc, NOAO
  • Jinyoung Serena Kim (2002) Advisor: F. Walter
    Low Mass Star Formation in the Gum Nebula
    current position: Assistant Astronomer, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
  • Eugenio Rivera (2002) Advisor: J. Lissauer
    Dynamical evolution of the Earth-Moon progenitors
    current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Noriaki Yahata (2001) Advisor: K. Lanzetta
    Properties of Distant Galaxies and QSO Absorption Line Systems: A Deep Multi-color Imaging Survey of the Early Universe
  • Tracy Beck (2001) Advisor: M. Simon
    Observational Investigations of Obscured Young Stars
    current position: Staff Scientist at STScI
  • Milan Cirkovic (2000) Advisor: K. Lanzetta
    Gaseous Galactic Haloes and Ly α Absorption Line Systems
    current position: Senior Research Associate, Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade
  • Penghui An (1999) Advisor: J. Lattimer
    Neutron Star Atmospheres and Spectra Analysis current position: Director at Sanford C. Bernstein in New York, NY
  • Edward Wang (1999) Advisors: F. D. Swesty and J. Lattimer
    Dynamical Evolution of Neutron Stars and Neutron Star Binaries position after graduation: postdoc at Northwestern University
  • Hsiao-Wen Chen (1999) Advisor: K. Lanzetta
    Studies of Galaxies Giving Rise to QSO Absroption Systems and Observations of the High-Redshift Universe
    Prizes: 2000 ASNY Graduate Student Research Prize
    current position: Professor, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago
  • Lynn Matthews (1998) Advisor: J. Gallagher (D. Peterson)
    Galaxy Structure and Evolution at the End of the Spiral Sequence
    Prizes: 1999 ASNY Graduate Student Research Prize
    current position: Astronomer, Haystack Observatory
  • Lisa Prato (1998) Advisor: M. Simon
    Pre-Main-Sequence Binaries and the Evolution of Their Disks
    current position: Astronomer, Lowell Observatory
  • Paul Mancinelli (1996) Advisor: A. Yahil
    The Large-Scale Density Field and Predicted Peculiar Velocity Field
  • Scott Wolk (1996) Advisor: F. Walter
    Watching the Stars go 'Round and 'Round
    current position: Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • Yu Gao (1995) Advisor: P. Solomon
    Dense Molecular Gas in Galaxies and the Evolution of Luminous Infrared Galaxies
    current position: Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210008
  • Donald Slowik (1995) Advisor: D. Peterson
    Absolute Magnitudes and Colors of A and F Supergiants from Near Infrared Features
  • Sergio Fajardo-Acosta (1994) Advisor: R. Knacke
    Infrared Observations of Circumstellar Disks of Beta Pictoris Analogs
    current position: Spitzer Science Center staff scientist
  • David Kary (1993) Advisor: J. Lissauer
    Planetesimal Dynamics in the Vicinity of a Growing Protoplanet
    current position: Citrus College
  • F. Douglas Swesty (1993) Advisor: J. Lattimer
    The Physics of Core Collapse Supernovae
    current position: Research Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook
  • Thomas Mooney (1992) Advisor: P. Solomon
    The Origin of the Far-infrared Emission from Galactic Molecular Clouds
    current position: retired, Research Scientist, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook
  • Caitlin Griffith (1991) Advisor: T. Owen
    Investigations of Titan's Troposphere and Surface and Jupiter's Great Red Spot with Infrared Observations
    current position: Professor, LPL, University of Arizona
  • Yong Ha Kim (1991) Advisor: J. Fox (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
    The Jovian Ionosphere
  • Wen-Ping Chen (1990) Advisor: M. Simon
    Near-Infrared Milliarcsecond Observations by the Lunar Occultation Technique
    current position: Professor, National Central University, Taiwan
  • Timothy Y. Brooke (1988) Advisor: R. Knacke
    Near-Infrared Polarimetry and Spectroscopy of Comets
    current position: Staff, JPL
  • Sean Robert McCorkle (1988) Advisor: J. Hardorp
    Scattering in the 3 [mu]m interstellar ice band.
    current position: bioinformaticist at BNL
  • Leslie Sage (1987) Advisor: P. Solomon
    CO and IRAS FIR Emission in Interacting Galaxies
    current position: Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, Nature
  • Keith S. Noll (1987) Advisor: R. Knacke
    Carbon Monoxide and Disequilibrium Dynamics in Jupiter and Saturn
    current position: Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Frederick Hamann (1987) Advisor: M. Simon
    The Circumstellar Envelopes of Young Stellar Objects and Emission Line Stars
    current position: Professor, UC Riverside
  • Richard Wagener (1986) Advisor: J. Caldwell
    Ultraviolet Observations of Jupiter and Uranus
    current position: Computer Scientist, Brookhaven National Lab
  • August Evrard (1986) Advisor: A. Yahil
    Dark Matter and the Dynamics of Galaxy Clustering
    current position: Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Michigan
  • Edward Baron (1985) Advisor: G. Brown (Department of Physics)
    The Equation of State and General Relativity in Supernovae
    current position: Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Oklahoma
  • Karen Kolehmainen (1984) Advisor: J. Lattimer
    Surface Properties of Neutron Rich Nuclei-Pion Condensation at Finite Temperature
    current position: Associate Professor of Physics, California State University at San Bernadino
  • Amri Shraga Wandel (1983) Advisor: A. Yahil
    Self-consistent spherical accretion and models of quasars
  • David Sanders (1982) Advisor: P. Solomon
    The distribution of molecular clouds in the galaxy :H as a major component of the interstellar medium.
    current position: Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy Astronomer, Institute for Astronomy University of Hawaii
  • Chanda Jayant Jog (1982) Advisor: P. Solomon
    Two-fluid gravitational instabilities in a galactic disk.
    current position: Professor, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA.
  • Robert Gerard Danehy (1982) Advisor: T. Owen
    A search for minor constituents in the near-infrared spectra of Titan, Uranus and Neptune
  • Sang Joon Kim (1982) Advisor: T. Owen
    The Deuterium to Hydrogen Ratio in the Atmospheres of Jupiter and Titan
  • Gary N. Toller (1981) Advisor: J.L.Weinberg (D. Peterson)
    Galactic Light, Extragalactic Light, and Galactic Structure Using Pioneer 10 Observations of Background Starlight
    current position: General Services Corporation, Laurel MD
  • Arthur Rex Rivolo (1981) Advisor: A. Yahil
    On the dynamics of galaxy clustering
  • Jacqueline Fischer (1981) Advisor: M. Simon
    Molecular H emission in molecular clouds
    current position: retired, Naval Research Laboratory
  • John Frederick Appleby (1980) Advisor: T. Owen
    Atmospheric Structures of the Giant Planets from Radiative-Convective Equilibrium Models
  • Keun Myung Lee (1979) Advisor: D. Peterson
    A study of P Cygni stars
  • Gail Yanchak Patton (1979) Advisor: D. Peterson
    Helium abundances in young clusters and associations
    current position: SalesBrain Consulting
  • Steven Peter Souza (1979) Advisor: B. Lutz
    Inetstellar Diatomic Carbon and the Cygnus 0B2 Association
    current position: Observatory Supervisor and Lecturer in Astronomy, Williams College
  • Tom Erick Young (1978) Advisor: R. Knacke
    Infrared Fabry-Perot Spectrometer and Molecular Hydrogen in the Orion Nebula
    current position: retired, SOFIA, Director
  • William Morley Smith (1976) Advisor: F. Shu
    The Finite, Uniformly Rotating, Gaseous Disk
  • Alan Takashi Tokunaga (1976) Advisor: R. Knacke
    High-resolution spectroscopy of Jupiter and Saturn at 10 and 20 microns
    current position: Astronomer, Institute for Astronomy
  • Giovanna Righini (1976) Advisor: M. Simon
    350-Micron Photometry of Galactic Sources
  • Thomas Wesley Scattergood (1975) Advisor: T. Owen
    Proton stimulated chemistry in the outer solar system
  • Robert V. Stachnik (1974) Advisor: M. Simon
    Observations of Stellar Diameters and Close Binary Systems
  • Daniel Ysa Gezari (1973) Advisor: M. Simon
    Orion and Galactic Center Far Infrared Sources
    current position: retired, NASA/GSFC
  • Vincenzo Milione (1973) Masters, Advisor: F. Shu
    Large-Scale Shock Formation in Spiral Galaxies
  • Miriam A. Forman (1972) Advisor: M. Simon
    Cosmic rays in Interplanetary Space
    current position: Adjunct faculty, Stony Brook
  • Stephen T. Ridgway (1972) Advisor: S. Strom
    Study of the Spectra of K-Giants
    current position: Astronomer, NOAO