Italian Recipes

Pasta Parma Rosa**

3/4 cup Aproten Ditalini or Dietary Specialties maccaroni, dry

2 Tblsp non dairy liquid creamer (such as Rich's Farm Rich)*

2 Tblsp Cambell's Cheddar Cheese soup, condensed*

1 Tblsp butter

1/3 cup Ragu (or your favorite brand) Spaghetti Sauce**

*- 1/4 cup of your favorite low protein cheese sauce can be substituted for 2 Tblsp. non dairy creamer and 2 Tblsp. cheddar cheese soup mix for a lower phe recipe. Make appropriate phe change, The cheddar cheese soup plus creamer is 67 mg.

**- for an interesting mexican twist substitute 1/3 cup enchillada sauce for the spaghetti sauce.

Cook pasta as directed on package, drain and put in a microwave safe dish. Add all other ingredients and microwave on high for approximately 2 minutes.

Recipe: 113mg (7.5 exchanges)

Makes two 1 cup servings

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