Research Interests

I’m interested in the observational signatures of merging black holes, the cosmic origins and evolution of supermassive black holes, and the physics of gas flowing onto black holes and compact objects.

Below, you can click on a research topic to read more about it. I've tried to communicate topics so that non-astrophysicsits might get something out of these descriptions. Please send me feedback if you have suggestions for simplifying the explanations.

Gas flows onto massive objects

Quasars with binary supermassive black holes:
unique signatures in gravitational waves and light

Cosmic origins, evolution and influence of the first supermassive black holes


Blurbs for the Public

Summary of our research on how relative motions in the early Universe between dark matter and ordinary matter may have affected for formation of the first supermassive black holes (in English and in German).

Summaries of our research on the effects of the growth of supermassive black holes on intergalactic gas in the dawn of the Universe (Tanaka, Perna & Haiman 2012):
-- MPA monthly research highlight, "Cosmic Warming by the First Quasars: Did the earliest supermassive black holes slow the growth of the rest?" (in English and in German);
-- New Scientist, "Cosmic climate change may have stunted growth";
-- Phys.org, "Researchers suggest speedy growth of early black holes may have inhibited the growth of others".

Science News, "Supermassive Black Hole Rises and Shines" referenced our work on how mergers of supermassive black holes could trigger a galactic nucleus to become suddenly bright (Tanaka, Haiman & Menou 2010).