ASTR 1120-002: Stars and Galaxies

Course Updates: Fall 2009

FINAL on SAT 12/12, 7:30pm

HOMEWORK #9 DUE on TUE 12/01


H1N1 Virus. If there is a serious outbreak of H1N1 on campus, alterations in course content and/or structure may be necessary. If H1N1 is suspected, do not visit your health care provider unless you are experiencing flu-like symptoms AND you have an underlying health condition (pregnancy, asthma, diabetes, undergoing chemotherapy, etc.), OR your condition worsens. To prevent the spread of illness, health authorities are discouraging visits to health facilities to request a doctor's note to document absence. Students who are ill with flu-like symptoms should NOT come to class or have close contact with other students (e.g., study groups) and should NOT return to class until 24 hours after fever has abated.

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