Prompt Emission

Columns in files are: 1.Viewing angle (deg); 2. Peak luminosity (erg/s) in units of E_iso * radiative efficiency

"Tetaxy" indicates the opening angle of the jet: Teta_jet=xy (deg)

Gamma=10 Gamma=100
Teta10 Teta10
Teta20 Teta20
Teta30 Teta30
Teta40 Teta40
Teta50 Teta50
Teta60 Teta60
Teta70 Teta70
Teta80 Teta80
Teta90 Teta90

Afterglow Emission

Columns are: 1.: time (sec); 2. Viewing angle (deg); 3. Radio (1.4 GHz) in erg/s/Hz; 4. Optical (4.3x10^14 Hz) in erg/s/Hz; 5. X-ray (2-10keV) in erg/s.

"Tetaxy" indicates the opening angle of the jet: Teta_jet=xy (deg); E_xy indicates the jet energy (as 10^{xy}) in ergs. The number density of the medium is 0.01 cm^-3

Gamma=10 Gamma=100
Teta10E46 Teta10E47 Teta10E48 Teta10E49 Teta10E46 Teta10E47 Teta10E48 Teta10E49
Teta20E46 Teta20E47 Teta20E48 Teta20E49 Teta20E46 Teta20E47 Teta20E48 Teta20E49
Teta30E46 Teta30E47 Teta30E48 Teta30E49 Teta30E46 Teta30E47 Teta30E48 Teta30E49
Teta40E46 Teta40E47 Teta40E48 Teta40E49 Teta40E46 Teta40E47 Teta40E48 Teta40E49