Rosalba Perna

Associate  Professor
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
  Stony Brook University 

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Research: Theoretical Astrophysics

HIGH ENERGY-   research topics include:

COSMOLOGY -   research topics include:

EXOPLANETS -   research topics include:

Teaching (at the University of Colorado, Boulder):


Bruno Giacomazzo   (10/2011-09/2013)

Matthew Van Adelsberg   (09/2006-08/2008)

Graduate students: 

 These  are students who have been recently (or currently are) involved in research projects with me.  

Various and Personal:

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Hobbies: Dance, Music, Travel, Photography.

Pictures:  Italy    -   Travel    -   Boulder and surroundings

Bicycle trip I   - link to a web site by Max P. with whom I shared part (2600 km) of a bicycle trip in Europe in the summer 1999.

Bicycle trip II   - cycling trip around the Baltic sea, summer 2011

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