Professor Alan Calder
Department of Physics and Astronomy
7:30 pm Room 001 ESS Building
Friday, March 4, 2011

Fires and Floods on White Dwarfs: A Nova Model

Last fall Professor Fred Walter gave an Open Night talk on one class of stellar explosions known as Classical Novae (linked here). In the next talk of the Open Night series, Prof. Calder will offer the theory perspective on Classical Novae. He will present the most widely accepted explosion model, an exploding hydrogen atmosphere on the surface of a carbon/oxygen white dwarf, and discuss the incompletely understood mixing of carbon and oxygen into the atmosphere thought to enhance the thermonuclear burning in the atmosphere.

Prof. Calder joined the Stony Brook Physics and Astronomy department in 2007 after research appointments at the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago. His research is in numerically modeling astrophysical phenomena, and he has studied core collapse and thermonuclear supernovae, coalescing white dwarfs, and classical novae.