Professor F. Douglas Swesty
Department of Physics and Astronomy
7:30 pm Room 001 ESS Building
Friday, November 6, 2009

Evidence for the Big Bang

In this lecture I will present the evidence that has lead astrophysicists to the conclusion that the known Universe began as a violent explosion that we refer to as the Big Bang. There are now multiple pieces of information that point to the Universe as having ang age of 13-14 billion years. I will discuss how we obtained this evidence and were lead to this conclusion starting from a historical perspective.

Prof. Swesty has been associated with astronomy at Stony Brook for twenty one years, initially as a graduate student and then, after 5 years at the University of Illinois, returning as a faculty member. He has studied core collapse supernovae, neutron stars, the behavior of neutron stars in close binary systems, and the properties of neutron star material.