Department of Physics and Astronomy
Stony Brook University
7:30 pm, Friday, March 05, 2021
on-line via Zoom

An Update on the Search for Life in the Universe

Prof. Alan Calder

The question of life elsewhere in the Universe has long fascinated us. While there are many reports on UFOs and aliens, there is no accepted evidence of life existing anywhere other than on the Earth. Contemporary studies apply the scientific method to address this question. This study encompasses many traditional disciplines including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology, and has been dubbed the field of "Astrobiology."

In the next Astronomy Open Night, Prof. Alan Calder will discuss the scientific search for life in the Universe. He will give an overview of life on Earth and explain how our understanding of life on Earth teaches us about habitability and guides the search. He will describe the tools used in the search and the most likely places to find life in our Solar System and beyond.

Alan Calder joined the Stony Brook Physics and Astronomy department in 2007 after research appointments at the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago. His research is in numerically modeling astrophysical phenomena, and he has studied a variety of problems including core collapse and thermonuclear supernovae, merging neutron stars, and classical novae.