Technical Details of Mount Stony Brook Observatory


Our telescope is a 14 inch (.35 meter) Celestron. The design is a Schmit-Cassegrain. We have added a 3 inch refractor to the side as a finding scope. The telescope came with a 30 mm finding scope which is still used. The system is an f/11.


We currently use three cameras for observing. Two are from the Santa Barbara Instument Group. These are the ST-4 and the ST-6. Most of our images are taken with the ST-6 and the ST-4 is used with the 3 inch for guiding. These cameras are CCD cameras (CCD stands for charged coupled device) and the images are sent directly to the computer!

Another thing we are working on is astrophotography. Since the telescope has a bad drive motor, we use the ST-4 to guide on an object and take a long exposure with a 35mm camera. This is in the experimentation stage, but we're working on it!


We are using a 486 50MHz PC Brand computer. The computer is on the top floor of our building. We have a hole through the roof of the building so that the computer is directly connected to the dome. Once the object to be observed is found and focused, the observer can operate the cameras from a warmroom.

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