Stanimir Metchev's Palomar and Keck Adaptive Optics Page

Here I have collected data related to the performance of PHARO (the near-IR camera behind the Palomar AO system), and NIRC2 (the near-IR camera behind the Keck II AO system).

PHARO Linearity

PHARO Plate Scale and Orientation (25mas/pix Camera)

PHARO Coronagraph Extinction

PHARO Calibration Frames (to be added later)

NIRC2 Linearity

NIRC2 Plate Scale and Orientation (Wide Camera)

NIRC2 Coronagraph Extinction

NIRC2 Calibration Frames (not added yet)

Palomar vs. Keck AO Detection Limits
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Last updated 2 December 2004