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James M. Lattimer

Distinguished Professor of Astronomy

Astronomy Program

Department of Physics & Astronomy

State University of New York at Stony Brook
Stony Brook NY 11794-3800
phone book entry (631) 632-8227 FAX (631) 632-1745


B.S. Physics University of Notre Dame

Ph.D. Astronomy University of Texas at Austin

AST 100: Astronomy Today

AST 200: Research in Astronomy

AST 248: The Search for Life in the Universe

AST 301: Cosmic Catastrophes

AST 346:Galaxies

CEN 511: Recent Discoveries in Astronomy

PHY 521: Stars

PHY 669: Nuclear Astrophysics Seminar

New versions of potential and relativistic field-theoretical liquid droplet equations of state are available here.

A brief
Supernova Movie

A Neutron Star Merger Movie (6M)

Binary Neutron Star Mergers, a part of the NASA High Performance Computing Grand Challenge. Reasons for the Grand Challenge: 1 2 3

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See also Department of Physics and Nuclear Theory Group

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