14" Telescope Sign-Up Rules

To: 14" telescope users
From: Fred Walter

Because of increased demand on the 14" telescope, and a need to be able to plan for instrumental setups, we are now requiring that users of the telescope sign up 24 hours in advance (or by 5PM the previous evening). The sign-up board is on the wall by the telescope preparation room (ESS 443C). In case of conflicts, priorities for telescope usage are given below.

Bill Sherry is the day-to-day telescope scheduling coordinator. Special viewing requests should be directed to Prof. Fred Walter. I will adjudicate all conflicts. Please address and comments and complaints to me at fwalter@astro.sunysb.edu.

  1. Targets of opportunity. Time-critical observations. (Periodic phenomena with periods less than 2 months do not count).
  2. Monthly open night (dusk to 9:30 PM, first Friday of month).
  3. AST 101, 105, 203, 248 viewing (dusk to 9:30 PM Monday-Thursday).
  4. Special viewing requests (museum, groups, etc). Must be cleared well in advance.
  5. Short-term research projects, including AST287 and AST487 projects, observations required for Phy 515, AST543 and other graduate courses, and Westinghouse research projects. Graduate thesis research will generally not qualify.
  6. Observations required for graduate theses, except those which can be accomplished in a few nights.
  7. All other observations.

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