RX J185635-3754: The CrA Molecular Cloud, and the Distance to the Source

The source is located near the east tail of the CrA molecular cloud. Wang [17] has estimated the total gas column density in the cloud at this position to be about 5 X 1020 cm-2. This strongly suggests that the source cannot be background to the cloud.

The R CrA molecular cloud is located at 130 pc [8]; we take this as the upper limit to the distance.

8: Marraco, H.G. & Rydgren, A.E. 1981, AJ, 86, 62.
17: Wang, Q.D. 1994. in The Soft X-Ray Cosmos (eds. E.M. Schlegel & R. Petre) 301 (New York, AIP).

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