PHY 666
Cool Star Seminar

Spring 2004 Topic: Astronomy with Small Telescopes

updated 3/18/04

Seminar Schedule
Date Topic Speaker Refreshments Observing/Meeting
2/5 Introduction Fred Fred
2/12 Special session: SIRTF proposals Fred. Bill, others ---
2/19 TBD no meeting ---
2/26 Special session: CHANDRA proposals Fred, Bill Gail
3/4 Some results from the first year of SMARTS Fred Nick
3/11 no meeting --- ---
3/18 cancelled --- ---
3/25 Periodic Variability:
Looking for Rotational Modulation
of Starspots on Young Stars
Gail Angeliki
4/1 Rotation of Centaurs Chad Bill
4/15 Angular Momentum Evolution of Young Stars Nick Kyujin
4/22 Transiting Extrasolar Planets Tatjana Tatjana
4/29 Using Small Telescopes for Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Observations Kyujin Chad
5/6 Southern Cluster Survey. Part I. Angeliki Kyujin

Note: this schedule is subject to change at the whim of the instructor.

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