PHY 666
Cool Star Seminar

Spring 2001 Topic: The Sun: a star close up


Seminar Schedule
Date Topic Speaker Refreshments
2/1 Introduction Fred Fred
2/8 The Dirty Secrets of CHANDRA Data
Helioseismology and the Standard Solar Model
2/15 The Solar Neutrino Problem Resolved? Sebastian Dara
2/22 no meeting --- ---
3/1 Report on FUSE
SOHO: waves and rivers in the photosphere
3/8 no meeting --- ---
3/15 TRACE: The gory details of coronal structure revealed Yuan Bill
12/14 spring break --- ---
3/29 CTIO Observing Report Serena Angeliki
4/5 Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections Gail Serena
4/12 Solar Cycles and Luminosity Variations Bill Kyujin
4/19 Ulysses, the Solar Wind, and the FIP effect Kyujin Tracy
4/26 no meeting --- ---
5/3 The Future of Solar Astronomy Serena Yuan

Note: this schedule is subject to change at the whim of the instructor.

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