PHY 666
(formerly AST 510)
Cool Star Seminar

Spring 2000 Topic: Statistics in Astronomy


Seminar Schedule
Date Topic Speaker Refreshments
2/3 Introduction Fred Fred
2/10 Confidence intervals Tracy Stefano
2/17 Linear Regression Gail Bill
2/24 Censorship Serena Gail
3/2 Spatial Analysis (clustering) Bill Dara
3/9 Small Number Statistics Stefano Yuan
3/16 Time Series Analysis Yuan Serena
3/30 Special: The Brown Dwarfs of Orion Bill Tracy
4/6 no meeting planned --- ---
4/13 Special: Reducing the Gum Nebula Serena Dara
4/27 Resampling/Bootstrap Techniques Tracy Bill
5/4 Bayesian Statistics Stefano Fred

Note: this schedule is subject to change at the whim of the instructor.

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