PHY 666
Cool Star Seminar

Fall 2004 Topic: Astrobiology

updated 9/03/04

Seminar Schedule
Date Topic Speaker Refreshments Observing/Meeting
9/2 Introduction Fred Fred  
9/10 No meeting --- ---  
9/23 No meeting --- ---  
9/30 cancelled
go to the Phy/AST/GEO colloqium
10/7   Fred Gail FW: report on HEAD; SI
10/14 no meeting --- ---  
10/21 Mars Rovers
Astronomy from Majorca
Vadim Burwitz
10/28 Terrestrial Planer Finder Steve Steve  
11/4 Deep Impact Chad Chad  
11/11 Methane on Mars
Kuyjin Jinmi  
11/18 No meeting      
12/2 recent news from the SETI front Jinmi
Angeliki FW: report on CTIO run
12/9   Angeliki Tatjana  

Note: this schedule is subject to change at the whim of the instructor.

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