AST 443: Observational Techniques

Learning Outcomes

Updated 15 July 2020

AST 443 satisfies the ESI (Evaluate and Synthesize Researched Information) and SPK (Speak Effectively before an Audience) SBC categories.

The ESI category requires that the student:

  • Locate and organize information from a variety of appropriate sources.
  • Analyze the accuracy of information and the credibility of sources.
  • Determine the relevance of information.
  • Use information ethically and responsibly.

    The SPK category requires that the student be able to:

  • Research a topic, develop an oral argument and organize supporting details.
  • Deliver a proficient and substantial oral presentation for the intended audience using appropriate media.
  • Evaluate oral presentations of others according to specific criteria.

    Learning Objectives:
    This is a course in practical astronomy and observing (laboratory) techniques. Students are expected to learn to:

  • Plan astronomical observations.
  • Write proposals to obtain data.
  • Take astronomical data, using the Department's 14 inch optical telescope.
  • Download and use data from on-line astronomical archives.
  • Write simple computer code to analyze astronomical data.
  • Present results in 3 common formats: a short talk, a poster, and a scientific paper.

    The two learning outcomes will be assessed in the assignments.