AST 443 / PHY 517: Observational Techniques
Corona Virus SARS-CoV-2 Update

13 August 2020

Expect further updates as we approach the resumption of the semester. The situation remains fluid.

AST 443/PHY 517 is scheduled to meet in-person. We will take all necessary and prudent precautions.
  • All students must wear masks at all times
  • All students must practice social distancing
  • Any student who feels ill is advised NOT to attend class.
  • Office hours will generally be scheduled online.

    There are concerns that a second wave of the virus may require the University to cancel all in-person classes, and to go online like we did in the Spring semester. We can deal with this - see here.

    If a significant number of you, or the instructor, become ill or are required to quarantine, then the course will go online.

    A focus of this class has always been on observing with the 14 inch telescope. However, it is difficult to socially-distance in the telescope dome. Once the semester starts, we will discuss the practicalities of observing. If the university goes online, we lose access to the telescope. However much we stand to lose without the hands-on observing experience, it it important to realize that astronomy today is becoming less hands-on, and more archival-oriented.
    In the case that it is not possible to complete the optical observing, we have archival data from the 14 inch that can be analyzed.