AST 341
Research Paper Guidelines

You are to complete a library research paper, on a topic of your choice (within limits), as an integral part of this course. The purpose of the paper is to let you explore some aspect of stellar astronomy in more detail than is possible in the lectures, and to give you experience doing library research. 20% of your final grade will be assigned on the basis of this paper. The emphasis should be on using the physics we're discussing to explain astronomical objects or phenomena.

Sources which you can use in your research are to be found in the Math-Physics-Astronomy library. I recommend that you begin your search for review articles in the Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics or in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Scientific American also has some good articles, but at a more qualitative level. You may use on-line sources (but not wikipedia!), so long as they are properly referenced, and the site is legitimate. Amateur antronomical sites are generally not acceptable.

Among the possible topics are:

The paper should be written at the Scientific American level. You need not use equations, but you must demonstrate a mastery both of the astrophysics and of the qualitative astronomy. Do not exceed 20 pages (typed, double-spaced). Include references.

Papers are due one week before the last class.

I will help you find references, but only after you do some exploring in the library or on-line first.