AST 341: General Information

Fall 2012

MWF 9:00-9:53
Room: Lgt Eng 154

Instructor: Prof. Fred Walter (ESS 459; 632-8232; fwalter at

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9-10:30 AM, Friday 10-11AM, or by appointment.

Teaching Assistant: Alex DiRe (Physics D116)

Office Hours: MWF 11-12, or by appointment.

Astrophysics is a synthesis of many topics, beginning with the study of radiation and radiative transfer, and ending with the application of physics to stars, nebulae, galaxies, and the universe.
The topics we will cover include:

Prerequsites include AST 203, PHY 251/252, and MAT 203 or 205 or 211 or AMS 211. You will need a working knowledge of physics, including mechanics, electromagnetism, and some statistical mechanics. You will need to be able to perform simple integration and differentiation. If you are concerned about your preparation, please contact the instructor.


A.) Required Textbook

B.) Recommended Book

B.) Supplementary Books

These books will not be used in the course, but provide different perspectives on stellar astrophysics.

The required and recommended books may be on reserve in the Math-Physics library.