A New Catalog of Photometric Redshifts

in the Hubble Deep Field

by Alberto Fernández-Soto, Kenneth M. Lanzetta and Amos Yahil.

  In this page you will find information relative to our work (published in ApJ, 1999, 513, 34). We have used seven-band photometry of the Hubble Deep Field image (UBVIJHK) to estimate photometric redshifts for a total of 1067 objects. You can also visit the UNSW/SB HDF Clickable Map which includes all of the information in the catalog in an interactive way.

  Click on any of the items below to browse and/or download the files you are interested in. We hope this catalog will prove helpful for you.

  This site is a copy of the original site available at the University of New South Wales Department of Astrophysics and Optics in Sydney, Australia.

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