Photometric Redshift Clickable Map

Click on any galaxy in the image to bring up its data, together with thumbnail BVI and JHK images, the (unabsorbed) best-fit model spectrum compared to the observed fluxes and the redshift Likelihood Function. The observed wavelengths corresponding to the rest-frame Lyman-alpha and Lyman-Limit are marked with dashed vertical lines in the high-redshift objects.
RA=12:36:57.47 DEC=62:12:10.56 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:00.26 DEC=62:12:19.44 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.79 DEC=62:12:18.66 z(ph)=5.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.30 DEC=62:12:14.12 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)=1.020 RA=12:37:00.69 DEC=62:12:21.69 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.44 DEC=62:12:11.88 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.60 DEC=62:12:12.39 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.32 DEC=62:12:05.44 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.37 DEC=62:12:02.56 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.95 DEC=62:11:55.41 z(ph)=0.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.42 DEC=62:12:09.23 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)=0.321 RA=12:36:44.73 DEC=62:11:33.48 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.16 DEC=62:12:11.94 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.28 DEC=62:11:26.19 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.70 DEC=62:12:17.13 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.51 DEC=62:12:07.48 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.37 DEC=62:11:33.15 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)=1.013 RA=12:36:49.24 DEC=62:11:48.49 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)=0.961 RA=12:36:58.29 DEC=62:12:16.54 z(ph)=2.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.11 DEC=62:12:00.70 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.29 DEC=62:11:45.91 z(ph)=2.800 z(sp)=2.980 RA=12:36:48.40 DEC=62:11:46.45 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:00.95 DEC=62:12:25.28 z(ph)=2.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.83 DEC=62:12:12.64 z(ph)=4.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.52 DEC=62:12:21.16 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.43 DEC=62:11:50.19 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.87 DEC=62:11:58.01 z(ph)=3.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.28 DEC=62:11:47.02 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.77 DEC=62:11:57.77 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.94 DEC=62:12:10.67 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.32 DEC=62:11:50.65 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.67 DEC=62:12:19.48 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.37 DEC=62:12:21.65 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.68 DEC=62:11:33.35 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.66 DEC=62:11:27.19 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.30 DEC=62:11:38.55 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.88 DEC=62:11:34.21 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.10 DEC=62:11:50.56 z(ph)=1.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:00.52 DEC=62:12:25.78 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.90 DEC=62:11:56.48 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.42 DEC=62:12:13.52 z(ph)=4.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.01 DEC=62:12:12.27 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.77 DEC=62:11:34.59 z(ph)=3.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.72 DEC=62:11:43.75 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.16 DEC=62:11:42.09 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)=1.012 RA=12:36:43.40 DEC=62:11:33.61 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.91 DEC=62:12:03.10 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:00.08 DEC=62:12:25.23 z(ph)=2.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.64 DEC=62:12:02.49 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.86 DEC=62:11:44.84 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)=1.059 RA=12:36:52.10 DEC=62:12:01.17 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.46 DEC=62:12:05.41 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.73 DEC=62:11:41.72 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.65 DEC=62:12:21.71 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)=0.681 RA=12:36:41.97 DEC=62:11:30.34 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.67 DEC=62:12:15.89 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.08 DEC=62:11:58.81 z(ph)=3.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.04 DEC=62:12:07.95 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:00.38 DEC=62:12:27.53 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.10 DEC=62:12:23.59 z(ph)=3.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.89 DEC=62:12:13.87 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.96 DEC=62:12:23.42 z(ph)=0.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.79 DEC=62:11:55.41 z(ph)=2.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.94 DEC=62:11:52.85 z(ph)=4.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.90 DEC=62:12:23.57 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.26 DEC=62:11:35.46 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.75 DEC=62:12:04.75 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.39 DEC=62:11:39.02 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.52 DEC=62:11:45.61 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.00 DEC=62:12:14.89 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.64 DEC=62:11:43.07 z(ph)=4.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.64 DEC=62:11:46.27 z(ph)=3.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:00.58 DEC=62:12:29.23 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.04 DEC=62:11:50.65 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.39 DEC=62:12:10.28 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.22 DEC=62:12:19.08 z(ph)=4.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.05 DEC=62:12:09.39 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.13 DEC=62:11:45.02 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.33 DEC=62:11:55.05 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)=0.961 RA=12:36:54.48 DEC=62:12:10.94 z(ph)=3.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.29 DEC=62:11:42.89 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.94 DEC=62:11:57.30 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.41 DEC=62:11:46.45 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.01 DEC=62:12:03.85 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.61 DEC=62:11:31.82 z(ph)=0.080 z(sp)=0.089 RA=12:36:43.16 DEC=62:11:36.65 z(ph)=3.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.09 DEC=62:12:07.53 z(ph)=0.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:01.05 DEC=62:12:32.26 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.81 DEC=62:12:00.81 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.69 DEC=62:11:39.00 z(ph)=3.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.28 DEC=62:11:34.72 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.44 DEC=62:11:50.89 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.23 DEC=62:12:27.25 z(ph)=2.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.18 DEC=62:11:43.99 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.60 DEC=62:12:19.23 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.62 DEC=62:12:25.59 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.91 DEC=62:11:37.30 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.64 DEC=62:11:45.84 z(ph)=3.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.45 DEC=62:11:42.17 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)=1.020 RA=12:36:47.90 DEC=62:11:52.87 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.76 DEC=62:12:23.24 z(ph)=3.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.12 DEC=62:12:21.52 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.46 DEC=62:12:13.41 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.65 DEC=62:12:20.14 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.65 DEC=62:11:43.27 z(ph)=4.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.63 DEC=62:12:14.11 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.26 DEC=62:11:45.40 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.72 DEC=62:11:43.78 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.87 DEC=62:12:05.95 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.47 DEC=62:12:10.94 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.79 DEC=62:12:18.37 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.56 DEC=62:11:53.15 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.17 DEC=62:11:58.14 z(ph)=2.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.44 DEC=62:11:49.85 z(ph)=2.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.68 DEC=62:12:21.65 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.90 DEC=62:11:45.40 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.25 DEC=62:12:05.09 z(ph)=2.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.05 DEC=62:12:26.12 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.95 DEC=62:12:29.02 z(ph)=4.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.78 DEC=62:12:16.54 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.75 DEC=62:11:45.79 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.79 DEC=62:11:42.88 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)=0.764 RA=12:36:45.93 DEC=62:11:49.53 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.50 DEC=62:11:51.33 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)=0.504 RA=12:37:00.56 DEC=62:12:34.61 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)=0.562 RA=12:36:49.00 DEC=62:11:59.08 z(ph)=3.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.88 DEC=62:12:08.00 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.29 DEC=62:11:44.82 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.68 DEC=62:12:07.59 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.75 DEC=62:12:01.68 z(ph)=2.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.75 DEC=62:12:29.48 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.53 DEC=62:12:16.56 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.23 DEC=62:12:15.65 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.97 DEC=62:12:17.98 z(ph)=0.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.66 DEC=62:12:29.33 z(ph)=2.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.84 DEC=62:12:27.01 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.41 DEC=62:11:48.93 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.01 DEC=62:12:09.67 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)=0.456 RA=12:36:42.65 DEC=62:11:40.85 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.78 DEC=62:11:53.61 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.45 DEC=62:12:01.83 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.78 DEC=62:11:50.55 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.58 DEC=62:12:26.94 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.21 DEC=62:12:25.81 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)=0.561 RA=12:36:54.38 DEC=62:12:17.34 z(ph)=2.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.39 DEC=62:12:05.12 z(ph)=2.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.23 DEC=62:11:36.88 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.66 DEC=62:11:54.00 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:00.01 DEC=62:12:35.10 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.51 DEC=62:12:21.39 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.04 DEC=62:12:19.96 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.53 DEC=62:12:12.30 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.26 DEC=62:12:30.01 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.02 DEC=62:11:49.38 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.30 DEC=62:12:21.17 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.08 DEC=62:12:11.42 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.97 DEC=62:12:35.93 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.13 DEC=62:11:50.33 z(ph)=2.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.04 DEC=62:12:02.45 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.99 DEC=62:11:56.30 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.54 DEC=62:11:45.76 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.86 DEC=62:12:05.30 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.78 DEC=62:12:02.11 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.06 DEC=62:12:06.16 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.92 DEC=62:11:47.33 z(ph)=3.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.94 DEC=62:12:21.32 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.57 DEC=62:11:43.22 z(ph)=2.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.63 DEC=62:12:23.60 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.62 DEC=62:12:36.10 z(ph)=0.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.82 DEC=62:12:27.71 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.94 DEC=62:12:18.91 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.82 DEC=62:12:03.27 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.65 DEC=62:11:50.45 z(ph)=4.520 z(sp)=4.580 RA=12:36:47.99 DEC=62:12:00.78 z(ph)=4.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.34 DEC=62:11:52.74 z(ph)=2.880 z(sp)=2.803 RA=12:36:58.53 DEC=62:12:33.56 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.65 DEC=62:11:53.97 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.15 DEC=62:11:43.23 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.96 DEC=62:12:16.63 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.22 DEC=62:11:58.98 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.57 DEC=62:11:57.14 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.35 DEC=62:12:11.89 z(ph)=3.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.33 DEC=62:11:41.01 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)=0.585 RA=12:36:56.93 DEC=62:12:29.07 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.59 DEC=62:12:25.23 z(ph)=2.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.07 DEC=62:12:14.51 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.57 DEC=62:12:03.95 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.83 DEC=62:12:38.60 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.40 DEC=62:12:09.73 z(ph)=2.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.40 DEC=62:12:00.61 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.33 DEC=62:11:54.50 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)=0.372 RA=12:36:42.14 DEC=62:11:44.74 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.55 DEC=62:11:46.02 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.42 DEC=62:12:37.99 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.18 DEC=62:11:47.99 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.76 DEC=62:11:43.82 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.05 DEC=62:11:54.19 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.30 DEC=62:12:07.30 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.42 DEC=62:12:20.02 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.39 DEC=62:11:43.01 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.40 DEC=62:11:49.28 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.50 DEC=62:12:08.23 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.88 DEC=62:12:24.78 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.68 DEC=62:12:15.05 z(ph)=3.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.50 DEC=62:12:02.55 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.46 DEC=62:11:53.27 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.73 DEC=62:11:57.32 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.73 DEC=62:11:54.40 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.62 DEC=62:11:51.09 z(ph)=4.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.29 DEC=62:12:17.91 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.99 DEC=62:12:35.50 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.43 DEC=62:12:21.50 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.89 DEC=62:11:58.26 z(ph)=5.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.66 DEC=62:12:00.85 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.43 DEC=62:12:27.87 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.15 DEC=62:12:36.28 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.06 DEC=62:12:11.42 z(ph)=2.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.26 DEC=62:11:59.77 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.91 DEC=62:12:08.06 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.67 DEC=62:12:19.69 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)=0.401 RA=12:36:43.20 DEC=62:11:50.55 z(ph)=4.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.83 DEC=62:12:38.75 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.67 DEC=62:12:29.12 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.62 DEC=62:12:10.53 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.81 DEC=62:12:29.68 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.03 DEC=62:12:18.13 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.29 DEC=62:11:48.15 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.40 DEC=62:11:51.57 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)=1.242 RA=12:36:47.85 DEC=62:12:05.42 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.61 DEC=62:12:07.79 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.17 DEC=62:12:34.30 z(ph)=3.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.04 DEC=62:12:18.53 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.60 DEC=62:12:17.28 z(ph)=1.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.66 DEC=62:12:23.62 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.06 DEC=62:11:50.98 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.90 DEC=62:12:24.47 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.25 DEC=62:12:22.72 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.53 DEC=62:11:50.01 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.15 DEC=62:12:31.98 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.73 DEC=62:12:40.15 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.73 DEC=62:11:57.06 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.04 DEC=62:11:58.11 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.03 DEC=62:11:52.06 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.50 DEC=62:12:12.05 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.54 DEC=62:12:03.12 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)=0.454 RA=12:36:50.05 DEC=62:12:13.95 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.95 DEC=62:12:01.40 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)=0.679 RA=12:36:48.41 DEC=62:12:09.00 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.59 DEC=62:12:12.68 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.53 DEC=62:11:47.97 z(ph)=4.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.73 DEC=62:11:48.71 z(ph)=4.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.31 DEC=62:11:50.51 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.44 DEC=62:12:28.08 z(ph)=2.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.14 DEC=62:11:59.68 z(ph)=4.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.94 DEC=62:12:05.35 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.25 DEC=62:12:27.95 z(ph)=0.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.71 DEC=62:12:20.17 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)=0.299 RA=12:36:40.50 DEC=62:11:45.62 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.58 DEC=62:12:35.57 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.87 DEC=62:11:53.32 z(ph)=3.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.45 DEC=62:12:41.42 z(ph)=2.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.66 DEC=62:12:08.24 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.55 DEC=62:12:29.46 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.41 DEC=62:12:04.53 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.81 DEC=62:12:05.84 z(ph)=1.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.01 DEC=62:11:51.08 z(ph)=4.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.49 DEC=62:12:02.09 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.90 DEC=62:11:51.12 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.03 DEC=62:12:16.22 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.82 DEC=62:12:00.22 z(ph)=0.360 z(sp)=0.457 RA=12:36:47.45 DEC=62:12:08.43 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.43 DEC=62:12:20.70 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.16 DEC=62:12:16.99 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.32 DEC=62:12:14.52 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.71 DEC=62:11:54.44 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.49 DEC=62:12:24.66 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.71 DEC=62:12:19.39 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.21 DEC=62:12:08.63 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.32 DEC=62:12:46.06 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.61 DEC=62:12:22.46 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.46 DEC=62:12:12.92 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.31 DEC=62:12:03.50 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.30 DEC=62:12:37.36 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.76 DEC=62:12:36.03 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.64 DEC=62:12:14.15 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.70 DEC=62:12:23.75 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.50 DEC=62:12:38.65 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.63 DEC=62:12:29.84 z(ph)=2.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.03 DEC=62:12:34.14 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:37:00.11 DEC=62:12:49.80 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.91 DEC=62:12:21.64 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.88 DEC=62:12:46.26 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.78 DEC=62:12:21.35 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.47 DEC=62:12:11.25 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.44 DEC=62:11:52.66 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.60 DEC=62:12:24.19 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.25 DEC=62:12:13.91 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)=0.960 RA=12:36:53.12 DEC=62:12:28.97 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.48 DEC=62:12:30.32 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.80 DEC=62:12:40.58 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.66 DEC=62:12:12.48 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.34 DEC=62:12:45.49 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.09 DEC=62:12:26.29 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.85 DEC=62:12:25.65 z(ph)=1.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.92 DEC=62:12:16.70 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.62 DEC=62:12:15.79 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.24 DEC=62:12:27.12 z(ph)=2.880 z(sp)=3.360 RA=12:36:57.07 DEC=62:12:42.13 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.14 DEC=62:12:05.54 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.11 DEC=62:12:14.85 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.71 DEC=62:12:16.72 z(ph)=5.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.67 DEC=62:12:19.69 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.86 DEC=62:12:29.65 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.49 DEC=62:12:31.67 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.23 DEC=62:12:12.61 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.68 DEC=62:11:52.61 z(ph)=0.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.55 DEC=62:12:16.91 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.07 DEC=62:12:12.52 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.51 DEC=62:12:20.10 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)=0.961 RA=12:36:58.08 DEC=62:12:46.49 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.01 DEC=62:12:24.79 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.96 DEC=62:12:43.22 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.50 DEC=62:12:14.11 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.34 DEC=62:12:22.94 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.44 DEC=62:12:29.67 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.37 DEC=62:11:58.71 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.27 DEC=62:12:20.05 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.35 DEC=62:12:17.27 z(ph)=4.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.01 DEC=62:12:34.98 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.36 DEC=62:12:29.91 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.66 DEC=62:12:46.55 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.75 DEC=62:12:19.14 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.32 DEC=62:11:56.26 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.32 DEC=62:12:27.29 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)=2.775 RA=12:36:53.44 DEC=62:12:34.26 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)=0.559 RA=12:36:48.87 DEC=62:12:20.21 z(ph)=2.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.59 DEC=62:12:28.71 z(ph)=2.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.32 DEC=62:12:15.87 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.05 DEC=62:12:21.24 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)=0.953 RA=12:36:49.46 DEC=62:12:22.51 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.66 DEC=62:11:58.46 z(ph)=4.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.47 DEC=62:12:01.17 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.10 DEC=62:12:46.41 z(ph)=6.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.84 DEC=62:12:27.21 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.64 DEC=62:12:45.32 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)=0.517 RA=12:36:50.32 DEC=62:12:26.07 z(ph)=4.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.29 DEC=62:12:01.40 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.52 DEC=62:11:59.07 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.89 DEC=62:12:03.44 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.76 DEC=62:12:52.35 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)=0.320 RA=12:36:58.32 DEC=62:12:51.12 z(ph)=0.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:59.15 DEC=62:12:53.74 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.94 DEC=62:12:25.44 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.64 DEC=62:12:24.56 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.95 DEC=62:12:31.69 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.63 DEC=62:12:49.21 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.56 DEC=62:12:33.61 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.64 DEC=62:12:27.81 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.12 DEC=62:12:44.68 z(ph)=3.560 z(sp)=4.022 RA=12:36:46.58 DEC=62:12:15.54 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.18 DEC=62:12:39.10 z(ph)=3.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.73 DEC=62:12:16.18 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.99 DEC=62:12:26.28 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.57 DEC=62:12:09.62 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.59 DEC=62:12:00.57 z(ph)=0.240 z(sp)=0.483 RA=12:36:42.69 DEC=62:12:04.08 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.29 DEC=62:12:49.32 z(ph)=4.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.27 DEC=62:12:12.36 z(ph)=1.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.38 DEC=62:12:15.86 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.16 DEC=62:12:52.14 z(ph)=2.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.89 DEC=62:12:26.97 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.77 DEC=62:12:36.03 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.06 DEC=62:12:09.22 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.00 DEC=62:12:33.71 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.72 DEC=62:12:17.64 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.80 DEC=62:12:45.64 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.48 DEC=62:12:35.46 z(ph)=2.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.01 DEC=62:12:09.53 z(ph)=2.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.31 DEC=62:12:22.80 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.50 DEC=62:12:48.32 z(ph)=3.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.57 DEC=62:12:45.48 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)=0.790 RA=12:36:51.00 DEC=62:12:31.58 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.31 DEC=62:12:29.97 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.75 DEC=62:12:34.42 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.38 DEC=62:12:36.46 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.59 DEC=62:12:03.55 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.32 DEC=62:12:42.83 z(ph)=5.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.28 DEC=62:12:33.74 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.37 DEC=62:12:40.28 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.23 DEC=62:12:02.93 z(ph)=3.040 z(sp)=3.216 RA=12:36:41.93 DEC=62:12:05.43 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)=0.432 RA=12:36:43.70 DEC=62:12:10.97 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.61 DEC=62:12:04.59 z(ph)=4.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.34 DEC=62:12:56.21 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.88 DEC=62:12:02.76 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.81 DEC=62:12:24.14 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.23 DEC=62:12:47.01 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.23 DEC=62:12:56.25 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.94 DEC=62:12:03.12 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.62 DEC=62:12:02.24 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.81 DEC=62:12:55.21 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.81 DEC=62:12:03.05 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)=1.010 RA=12:36:56.07 DEC=62:12:50.15 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.56 DEC=62:12:27.10 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.73 DEC=62:12:52.51 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)=1.231 RA=12:36:48.42 DEC=62:12:26.96 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.32 DEC=62:12:35.87 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.20 DEC=62:12:20.25 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.62 DEC=62:12:49.27 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)=0.950 RA=12:36:52.72 DEC=62:12:40.41 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.25 DEC=62:12:05.18 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.06 DEC=62:12:29.28 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.56 DEC=62:12:15.46 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.49 DEC=62:12:46.08 z(ph)=0.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.96 DEC=62:12:41.39 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.59 DEC=62:12:52.69 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.80 DEC=62:12:28.83 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.94 DEC=62:12:23.17 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.36 DEC=62:12:30.90 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.53 DEC=62:12:06.82 z(ph)=3.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.68 DEC=62:12:47.56 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.96 DEC=62:12:11.48 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.42 DEC=62:12:06.79 z(ph)=0.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.95 DEC=62:12:05.36 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.83 DEC=62:12:57.47 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.51 DEC=62:12:04.25 z(ph)=4.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.21 DEC=62:12:43.37 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.74 DEC=62:12:04.96 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.11 DEC=62:12:55.49 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.34 DEC=62:12:56.23 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.87 DEC=62:12:33.45 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.93 DEC=62:12:58.46 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.55 DEC=62:12:08.09 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.57 DEC=62:12:11.40 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.26 DEC=62:12:22.85 z(ph)=0.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.16 DEC=62:12:56.43 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.58 DEC=62:12:54.88 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.99 DEC=62:12:56.51 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.69 DEC=62:12:15.56 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.89 DEC=62:12:19.33 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.16 DEC=62:12:45.10 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.19 DEC=62:12:51.51 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.79 DEC=62:12:22.57 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.92 DEC=62:12:26.07 z(ph)=2.040 z(sp)=2.969 RA=12:36:58.07 DEC=62:13:00.40 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)=0.319 RA=12:36:51.67 DEC=62:12:40.99 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.35 DEC=62:12:24.76 z(ph)=1.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.03 DEC=62:12:23.83 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.88 DEC=62:12:29.52 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.25 DEC=62:12:52.57 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.34 DEC=62:12:15.93 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.03 DEC=62:12:52.27 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.43 DEC=62:13:02.78 z(ph)=2.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.93 DEC=62:12:58.19 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)=0.520 RA=12:36:50.13 DEC=62:12:37.43 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.59 DEC=62:12:20.43 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.58 DEC=62:12:57.34 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.31 DEC=62:12:59.65 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)=0.473 RA=12:36:42.36 DEC=62:12:13.87 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.55 DEC=62:12:36.04 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.45 DEC=62:12:08.03 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.43 DEC=62:12:11.37 z(ph)=2.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.97 DEC=62:12:40.84 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.14 DEC=62:12:10.59 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.62 DEC=62:12:18.28 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)=0.750 RA=12:36:40.00 DEC=62:12:07.38 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)=1.015 RA=12:36:42.91 DEC=62:12:16.37 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)=0.454 RA=12:36:40.45 DEC=62:12:08.99 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.61 DEC=62:12:24.90 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.38 DEC=62:12:58.13 z(ph)=3.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.24 DEC=62:12:17.77 z(ph)=6.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.96 DEC=62:12:10.75 z(ph)=0.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.02 DEC=62:12:45.09 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.30 DEC=62:12:18.36 z(ph)=2.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.67 DEC=62:12:59.57 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.28 DEC=62:12:30.68 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)=0.421 RA=12:36:50.21 DEC=62:12:39.74 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)=0.474 RA=12:36:58.56 DEC=62:13:05.46 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.33 DEC=62:12:55.54 z(ph)=4.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.12 DEC=62:12:48.76 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.13 DEC=62:12:58.02 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.13 DEC=62:12:12.21 z(ph)=2.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.78 DEC=62:12:32.94 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)=0.959 RA=12:36:56.28 DEC=62:12:59.22 z(ph)=0.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.18 DEC=62:12:19.20 z(ph)=2.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.92 DEC=62:13:01.58 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.26 DEC=62:12:25.70 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.66 DEC=62:12:30.07 z(ph)=3.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.21 DEC=62:12:28.78 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.16 DEC=62:12:59.56 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.34 DEC=62:13:00.12 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.25 DEC=62:13:00.02 z(ph)=2.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.34 DEC=62:12:26.78 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.11 DEC=62:12:23.09 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.48 DEC=62:12:15.00 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.16 DEC=62:13:06.42 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.10 DEC=62:13:03.24 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.80 DEC=62:12:22.44 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.17 DEC=62:12:33.10 z(ph)=3.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.90 DEC=62:12:54.00 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)=0.642 RA=12:36:44.93 DEC=62:12:26.54 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.75 DEC=62:13:06.03 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.35 DEC=62:12:52.50 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.24 DEC=62:12:49.38 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.35 DEC=62:12:19.05 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.86 DEC=62:12:42.20 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.61 DEC=62:12:57.07 z(ph)=5.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.63 DEC=62:12:48.14 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.43 DEC=62:12:44.79 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.24 DEC=62:13:05.78 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.64 DEC=62:12:20.86 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.78 DEC=62:12:58.29 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.56 DEC=62:12:51.56 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.34 DEC=62:12:53.97 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.94 DEC=62:12:43.51 z(ph)=1.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.78 DEC=62:12:52.34 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.63 DEC=62:12:27.42 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)=2.268 RA=12:36:45.94 DEC=62:12:31.52 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.85 DEC=62:12:15.90 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.48 DEC=62:13:00.96 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.43 DEC=62:12:11.78 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.59 DEC=62:12:37.17 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.24 DEC=62:12:51.56 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.26 DEC=62:12:45.78 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)=0.678 RA=12:36:46.26 DEC=62:12:33.48 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.92 DEC=62:13:03.30 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.08 DEC=62:12:39.23 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.16 DEC=62:12:11.76 z(ph)=2.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.24 DEC=62:12:52.12 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.36 DEC=62:12:30.99 z(ph)=0.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.22 DEC=62:13:07.63 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.61 DEC=62:12:38.27 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.35 DEC=62:13:08.37 z(ph)=3.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.71 DEC=62:12:14.10 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.59 DEC=62:12:44.68 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.55 DEC=62:12:13.79 z(ph)=2.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.03 DEC=62:12:36.86 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)=0.321 RA=12:36:41.31 DEC=62:12:19.25 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.75 DEC=62:13:03.97 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.15 DEC=62:12:34.55 z(ph)=4.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.95 DEC=62:12:56.01 z(ph)=2.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.21 DEC=62:12:35.25 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.16 DEC=62:12:23.01 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.56 DEC=62:12:33.57 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.10 DEC=62:12:56.90 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.03 DEC=62:12:50.60 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.49 DEC=62:12:30.49 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.97 DEC=62:12:56.74 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.15 DEC=62:13:03.61 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.86 DEC=62:12:44.39 z(ph)=4.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.62 DEC=62:12:40.57 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.95 DEC=62:12:53.92 z(ph)=2.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.44 DEC=62:13:07.83 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.87 DEC=62:12:47.62 z(ph)=4.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.35 DEC=62:12:33.72 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.61 DEC=62:12:25.31 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.19 DEC=62:13:01.08 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.72 DEC=62:13:08.90 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.95 DEC=62:12:26.66 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.51 DEC=62:12:34.60 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.93 DEC=62:13:10.00 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.25 DEC=62:12:49.48 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.84 DEC=62:12:51.47 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.47 DEC=62:12:50.41 z(ph)=3.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.99 DEC=62:12:45.89 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.13 DEC=62:12:28.10 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:58.29 DEC=62:13:14.80 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.81 DEC=62:12:48.79 z(ph)=3.120 z(sp)=3.233 RA=12:36:55.01 DEC=62:13:04.86 z(ph)=4.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.91 DEC=62:12:43.19 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.00 DEC=62:12:55.83 z(ph)=2.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.91 DEC=62:12:49.40 z(ph)=3.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.24 DEC=62:12:53.52 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.89 DEC=62:12:55.55 z(ph)=4.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.86 DEC=62:12:27.87 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.09 DEC=62:12:59.43 z(ph)=5.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.56 DEC=62:12:54.78 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.88 DEC=62:12:18.97 z(ph)=2.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.33 DEC=62:13:00.56 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.03 DEC=62:13:02.72 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.47 DEC=62:12:48.72 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.78 DEC=62:13:11.28 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.78 DEC=62:12:59.01 z(ph)=3.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.05 DEC=62:12:47.57 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.28 DEC=62:12:20.76 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.94 DEC=62:12:38.29 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.85 DEC=62:13:14.98 z(ph)=0.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.57 DEC=62:12:18.72 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.32 DEC=62:12:39.59 z(ph)=2.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.35 DEC=62:12:45.95 z(ph)=4.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.93 DEC=62:12:26.18 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.48 DEC=62:12:46.49 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.78 DEC=62:12:32.08 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.00 DEC=62:12:23.52 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.57 DEC=62:12:49.95 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.98 DEC=62:12:26.68 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.35 DEC=62:12:43.25 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.32 DEC=62:12:55.51 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.71 DEC=62:13:15.19 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)=0.952 RA=12:36:51.02 DEC=62:12:54.71 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.28 DEC=62:12:27.84 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.65 DEC=62:12:51.16 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.00 DEC=62:13:13.83 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.04 DEC=62:12:21.60 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.04 DEC=62:12:43.27 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.28 DEC=62:12:53.43 z(ph)=0.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.15 DEC=62:13:08.83 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.55 DEC=62:12:48.53 z(ph)=3.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.30 DEC=62:12:38.62 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.26 DEC=62:13:09.47 z(ph)=2.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.82 DEC=62:12:55.89 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)=0.319 RA=12:36:55.97 DEC=62:13:11.77 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.51 DEC=62:13:13.51 z(ph)=4.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.42 DEC=62:12:24.06 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:57.51 DEC=62:13:16.75 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.43 DEC=62:12:39.63 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:38.96 DEC=62:12:19.77 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)=0.609 RA=12:36:41.42 DEC=62:12:27.56 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.45 DEC=62:13:11.19 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)=0.370 RA=12:36:43.11 DEC=62:12:33.17 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.52 DEC=62:12:43.91 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.70 DEC=62:13:09.31 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.36 DEC=62:13:14.48 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.00 DEC=62:12:58.03 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.99 DEC=62:12:39.63 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.63 DEC=62:12:26.38 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.87 DEC=62:12:57.99 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.65 DEC=62:12:41.94 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.94 DEC=62:12:30.62 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.60 DEC=62:12:45.00 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.14 DEC=62:13:11.38 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.91 DEC=62:12:27.65 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.36 DEC=62:13:02.97 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.40 DEC=62:12:32.49 z(ph)=2.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.80 DEC=62:12:49.40 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.07 DEC=62:12:53.35 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.42 DEC=62:13:00.63 z(ph)=0.080 z(sp)=0.089 RA=12:36:48.92 DEC=62:12:52.93 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.94 DEC=62:12:31.67 z(ph)=0.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.51 DEC=62:12:55.18 z(ph)=5.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.68 DEC=62:12:31.06 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.44 DEC=62:12:55.20 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.67 DEC=62:12:43.94 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.22 DEC=62:12:27.17 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.84 DEC=62:12:29.23 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.59 DEC=62:12:50.11 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.61 DEC=62:12:25.68 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.03 DEC=62:12:30.43 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.92 DEC=62:12:42.61 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.18 DEC=62:12:40.35 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)=0.873 RA=12:36:49.22 DEC=62:12:55.98 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.90 DEC=62:12:58.14 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.12 DEC=62:12:46.50 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.03 DEC=62:13:17.07 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.63 DEC=62:12:57.57 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)=0.477 RA=12:36:48.62 DEC=62:12:54.48 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.82 DEC=62:12:49.13 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.17 DEC=62:12:28.80 z(ph)=4.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.17 DEC=62:12:44.43 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.23 DEC=62:13:12.33 z(ph)=2.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.34 DEC=62:12:51.17 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.00 DEC=62:13:14.78 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.30 DEC=62:12:57.41 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.26 DEC=62:12:38.85 z(ph)=2.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.71 DEC=62:13:11.07 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.87 DEC=62:13:08.56 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.13 DEC=62:13:09.43 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.48 DEC=62:12:30.63 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.77 DEC=62:12:28.53 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.72 DEC=62:13:14.77 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)=2.232 RA=12:36:47.54 DEC=62:12:52.68 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)=0.681 RA=12:36:43.42 DEC=62:12:40.12 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:38.79 DEC=62:12:25.99 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.84 DEC=62:12:41.54 z(ph)=4.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.34 DEC=62:13:14.06 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.10 DEC=62:12:55.19 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.24 DEC=62:12:27.98 z(ph)=4.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.71 DEC=62:12:29.60 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.42 DEC=62:12:44.13 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.90 DEC=62:12:57.95 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.51 DEC=62:12:35.22 z(ph)=2.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.25 DEC=62:12:46.89 z(ph)=4.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.61 DEC=62:12:35.69 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.08 DEC=62:12:46.42 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.60 DEC=62:12:57.86 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.31 DEC=62:12:50.87 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.77 DEC=62:12:55.68 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)=2.931 RA=12:36:39.56 DEC=62:12:30.49 z(ph)=3.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.86 DEC=62:12:31.59 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.12 DEC=62:12:44.84 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.50 DEC=62:13:16.92 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.84 DEC=62:13:24.25 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.03 DEC=62:13:18.75 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.15 DEC=62:12:42.23 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)=0.847 RA=12:36:44.78 DEC=62:12:47.34 z(ph)=3.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.17 DEC=62:13:16.41 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.23 DEC=62:12:49.01 z(ph)=0.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.22 DEC=62:13:10.67 z(ph)=3.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.48 DEC=62:12:49.99 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.60 DEC=62:13:21.18 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:38.87 DEC=62:12:30.00 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.71 DEC=62:12:38.82 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.97 DEC=62:12:33.66 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.54 DEC=62:12:38.87 z(ph)=4.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.96 DEC=62:12:52.63 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.77 DEC=62:12:52.19 z(ph)=4.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:40.53 DEC=62:12:36.19 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.81 DEC=62:13:14.36 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.18 DEC=62:12:47.83 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)=0.558 RA=12:36:46.52 DEC=62:12:55.23 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.14 DEC=62:13:25.17 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.02 DEC=62:12:51.02 z(ph)=1.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.71 DEC=62:13:02.45 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.24 DEC=62:13:19.57 z(ph)=4.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.60 DEC=62:13:17.96 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:38.40 DEC=62:12:31.32 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.53 DEC=62:13:27.42 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.47 DEC=62:12:45.09 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.68 DEC=62:13:07.36 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.96 DEC=62:12:50.07 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)=0.557 RA=12:36:52.00 DEC=62:13:14.91 z(ph)=1.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.85 DEC=62:12:43.64 z(ph)=2.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:41.38 DEC=62:12:42.24 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.98 DEC=62:13:21.05 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.48 DEC=62:13:19.67 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.74 DEC=62:13:20.49 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:38.60 DEC=62:12:33.86 z(ph)=0.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.71 DEC=62:13:26.82 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.69 DEC=62:13:23.74 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.78 DEC=62:13:05.70 z(ph)=3.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.45 DEC=62:13:04.89 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.24 DEC=62:12:52.09 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:39.39 DEC=62:12:37.44 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.12 DEC=62:13:29.66 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.81 DEC=62:12:51.86 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.62 DEC=62:13:12.93 z(ph)=0.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.26 DEC=62:13:21.49 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.55 DEC=62:13:16.70 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.64 DEC=62:13:29.60 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.03 DEC=62:13:09.75 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.05 DEC=62:13:25.36 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.18 DEC=62:13:22.72 z(ph)=2.280 z(sp)=2.489 RA=12:36:49.37 DEC=62:13:11.25 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)=0.478 RA=12:36:55.39 DEC=62:13:29.87 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.78 DEC=62:13:25.39 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.71 DEC=62:13:13.04 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)=0.475 RA=12:36:52.89 DEC=62:13:23.07 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.41 DEC=62:13:24.99 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.47 DEC=62:13:16.12 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.74 DEC=62:13:11.05 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.07 DEC=62:13:09.02 z(ph)=0.360 z(sp)=0.475 RA=12:36:43.86 DEC=62:12:56.13 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.20 DEC=62:13:23.28 z(ph)=0.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.11 DEC=62:13:35.71 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.38 DEC=62:13:27.58 z(ph)=2.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.92 DEC=62:13:10.92 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.05 DEC=62:13:20.69 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)=0.199 RA=12:36:52.28 DEC=62:13:25.34 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.44 DEC=62:13:16.65 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.22 DEC=62:13:34.69 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.22 DEC=62:13:25.52 z(ph)=2.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.43 DEC=62:13:29.41 z(ph)=3.000 z(sp)=2.991 RA=12:36:48.51 DEC=62:13:14.32 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.26 DEC=62:13:13.84 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.64 DEC=62:13:39.83 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.62 DEC=62:13:33.74 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.00 DEC=62:13:13.58 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.04 DEC=62:13:35.35 z(ph)=4.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.30 DEC=62:13:36.22 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.55 DEC=62:13:28.35 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.87 DEC=62:13:04.77 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.71 DEC=62:13:35.19 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.73 DEC=62:13:26.24 z(ph)=3.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.58 DEC=62:13:04.62 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.47 DEC=62:13:16.64 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.48 DEC=62:13:35.16 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.02 DEC=62:13:30.83 z(ph)=3.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.14 DEC=62:13:31.67 z(ph)=3.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.50 DEC=62:13:38.95 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.78 DEC=62:13:18.45 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)=0.749 RA=12:36:46.74 DEC=62:13:12.36 z(ph)=0.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.61 DEC=62:13:08.91 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.47 DEC=62:13:39.39 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.68 DEC=62:13:33.91 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.26 DEC=62:13:38.97 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.84 DEC=62:13:37.75 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.19 DEC=62:13:35.84 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.69 DEC=62:13:06.80 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.79 DEC=62:13:07.25 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.89 DEC=62:13:45.00 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.84 DEC=62:13:32.85 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.55 DEC=62:13:22.89 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.07 DEC=62:13:21.81 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.96 DEC=62:13:21.90 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.21 DEC=62:13:29.11 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.31 DEC=62:13:20.38 z(ph)=3.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.45 DEC=62:13:33.12 z(ph)=3.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.15 DEC=62:13:13.90 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.76 DEC=62:13:18.98 z(ph)=2.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.07 DEC=62:13:19.96 z(ph)=0.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.97 DEC=62:13:32.17 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.12 DEC=62:13:38.95 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.71 DEC=62:13:22.49 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.31 DEC=62:13:43.03 z(ph)=2.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:56.54 DEC=62:13:47.13 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.62 DEC=62:13:41.31 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)=2.419 RA=12:36:48.50 DEC=62:13:22.79 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.46 DEC=62:13:32.05 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.27 DEC=62:13:04.30 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.51 DEC=62:13:05.12 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.70 DEC=62:13:33.48 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.62 DEC=62:13:05.94 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.46 DEC=62:13:36.31 z(ph)=3.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.30 DEC=62:13:29.76 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.09 DEC=62:13:10.75 z(ph)=3.200 z(sp)=2.929 RA=12:36:42.15 DEC=62:13:05.12 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.72 DEC=62:13:07.13 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.83 DEC=62:13:29.08 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.71 DEC=62:13:25.66 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.66 DEC=62:13:28.73 z(ph)=3.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.92 DEC=62:13:29.72 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.86 DEC=62:13:35.78 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.45 DEC=62:13:13.11 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.41 DEC=62:13:37.75 z(ph)=3.320 z(sp)=3.430 RA=12:36:52.75 DEC=62:13:39.07 z(ph)=3.000 z(sp)=3.368 RA=12:36:43.96 DEC=62:13:12.00 z(ph)=2.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.39 DEC=62:13:44.15 z(ph)=2.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.76 DEC=62:13:48.78 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.63 DEC=62:13:48.41 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.16 DEC=62:13:40.99 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.06 DEC=62:13:47.06 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)=2.233 RA=12:36:53.19 DEC=62:13:41.50 z(ph)=3.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.41 DEC=62:13:48.71 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.66 DEC=62:13:25.03 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.21 DEC=62:13:42.14 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.16 DEC=62:13:48.15 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.13 DEC=62:13:41.92 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.62 DEC=62:13:28.23 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)=0.958 RA=12:36:43.17 DEC=62:13:11.88 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.82 DEC=62:13:38.86 z(ph)=3.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.71 DEC=62:13:13.93 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.55 DEC=62:13:44.25 z(ph)=2.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.10 DEC=62:13:30.56 z(ph)=4.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.46 DEC=62:13:50.14 z(ph)=2.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.52 DEC=62:13:34.97 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.19 DEC=62:13:40.29 z(ph)=2.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.80 DEC=62:13:17.61 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.22 DEC=62:13:43.69 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.26 DEC=62:13:28.78 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.11 DEC=62:13:10.23 z(ph)=4.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.96 DEC=62:13:43.97 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.02 DEC=62:13:44.21 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.05 DEC=62:13:38.71 z(ph)=3.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.61 DEC=62:13:18.96 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.28 DEC=62:13:45.70 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.77 DEC=62:13:50.74 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.35 DEC=62:13:34.18 z(ph)=1.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.52 DEC=62:13:53.41 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)=1.148 RA=12:36:53.11 DEC=62:13:46.07 z(ph)=2.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.01 DEC=62:13:12.24 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.17 DEC=62:13:34.43 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.94 DEC=62:13:27.69 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.20 DEC=62:13:53.24 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.09 DEC=62:13:40.87 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.96 DEC=62:13:34.70 z(ph)=1.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.44 DEC=62:13:30.05 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.97 DEC=62:13:31.88 z(ph)=0.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.71 DEC=62:13:52.85 z(ph)=4.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.85 DEC=62:13:25.87 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.10 DEC=62:13:17.95 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.47 DEC=62:13:31.63 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.35 DEC=62:13:46.67 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.64 DEC=62:13:56.86 z(ph)=1.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.52 DEC=62:13:47.54 z(ph)=3.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.23 DEC=62:13:37.55 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.40 DEC=62:13:25.97 z(ph)=0.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.36 DEC=62:13:44.66 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.64 DEC=62:13:48.80 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.96 DEC=62:13:49.88 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.85 DEC=62:13:55.67 z(ph)=4.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.38 DEC=62:13:32.80 z(ph)=2.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.22 DEC=62:13:48.07 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.19 DEC=62:13:41.84 z(ph)=1.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.09 DEC=62:13:54.34 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)=0.849 RA=12:36:54.52 DEC=62:13:55.87 z(ph)=4.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.06 DEC=62:13:33.03 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.74 DEC=62:13:19.73 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.58 DEC=62:13:59.88 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)=0.559 RA=12:36:50.97 DEC=62:13:45.78 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.37 DEC=62:13:19.39 z(ph)=0.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.81 DEC=62:13:43.02 z(ph)=1.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.52 DEC=62:13:29.96 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.60 DEC=62:13:34.07 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.34 DEC=62:13:36.46 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.88 DEC=62:13:35.28 z(ph)=1.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.01 DEC=62:13:54.20 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.20 DEC=62:13:48.77 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)=3.162 RA=12:36:46.25 DEC=62:13:33.66 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:55.50 DEC=62:14:02.69 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)=0.564 RA=12:36:48.98 DEC=62:13:42.73 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.18 DEC=62:13:46.44 z(ph)=4.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:42.02 DEC=62:13:21.47 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.93 DEC=62:13:49.01 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.74 DEC=62:13:54.77 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)=1.355 RA=12:36:52.19 DEC=62:13:53.10 z(ph)=2.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.58 DEC=62:13:36.01 z(ph)=2.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.11 DEC=62:13:34.64 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.03 DEC=62:13:56.08 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.65 DEC=62:13:30.63 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.67 DEC=62:13:49.44 z(ph)=2.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.56 DEC=62:13:36.90 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.79 DEC=62:13:53.81 z(ph)=0.560 z(sp)=0.557 RA=12:36:50.32 DEC=62:13:49.56 z(ph)=2.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.44 DEC=62:13:46.91 z(ph)=0.080 z(sp)=0.089 RA=12:36:48.02 DEC=62:13:43.07 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.59 DEC=62:14:03.67 z(ph)=2.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.17 DEC=62:13:41.88 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.85 DEC=62:13:44.11 z(ph)=1.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.50 DEC=62:14:05.04 z(ph)=2.760 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.45 DEC=62:13:43.62 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.05 DEC=62:13:45.67 z(ph)=4.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.87 DEC=62:13:51.34 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.81 DEC=62:13:48.10 z(ph)=1.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.45 DEC=62:14:02.39 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.87 DEC=62:14:07.67 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.81 DEC=62:14:01.37 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.28 DEC=62:14:05.89 z(ph)=2.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.32 DEC=62:13:59.87 z(ph)=0.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.45 DEC=62:13:48.44 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.99 DEC=62:14:02.48 z(ph)=0.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.67 DEC=62:13:46.19 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:54.58 DEC=62:14:07.82 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.44 DEC=62:13:52.40 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.50 DEC=62:14:04.91 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.04 DEC=62:13:51.20 z(ph)=3.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.26 DEC=62:14:01.42 z(ph)=2.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.88 DEC=62:13:57.31 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.98 DEC=62:14:00.82 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)=0.557 RA=12:36:49.49 DEC=62:13:53.47 z(ph)=2.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.59 DEC=62:14:07.00 z(ph)=3.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.87 DEC=62:14:04.86 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)=0.498 RA=12:36:49.72 DEC=62:13:55.77 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.76 DEC=62:13:53.25 z(ph)=4.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.77 DEC=62:13:59.63 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.98 DEC=62:14:03.51 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.89 DEC=62:13:44.78 z(ph)=0.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.62 DEC=62:14:02.82 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.49 DEC=62:13:44.12 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.32 DEC=62:13:46.98 z(ph)=3.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.28 DEC=62:13:59.19 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.66 DEC=62:13:51.31 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.44 DEC=62:13:47.96 z(ph)=1.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.31 DEC=62:14:06.05 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.39 DEC=62:14:00.26 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.59 DEC=62:14:10.15 z(ph)=3.240 z(sp)=3.181 RA=12:36:52.16 DEC=62:14:05.80 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.98 DEC=62:14:08.47 z(ph)=3.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.93 DEC=62:14:05.43 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.90 DEC=62:14:08.46 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.10 DEC=62:14:01.11 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)=2.237 RA=12:36:45.90 DEC=62:13:48.45 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.67 DEC=62:14:03.15 z(ph)=2.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.87 DEC=62:14:03.95 z(ph)=0.960 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.35 DEC=62:13:47.00 z(ph)=2.680 z(sp)=3.160 RA=12:36:50.73 DEC=62:14:03.90 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.72 DEC=62:14:07.27 z(ph)=1.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.96 DEC=62:14:08.12 z(ph)=3.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.00 DEC=62:13:53.05 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.14 DEC=62:14:06.00 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.07 DEC=62:14:03.66 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.40 DEC=62:14:08.13 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.75 DEC=62:13:54.20 z(ph)=2.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.39 DEC=62:13:50.06 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.86 DEC=62:14:10.35 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.36 DEC=62:14:12.08 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.56 DEC=62:13:51.99 z(ph)=2.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.23 DEC=62:14:12.67 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.86 DEC=62:14:18.19 z(ph)=3.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:53.65 DEC=62:14:17.62 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)=0.517 RA=12:36:49.79 DEC=62:14:06.21 z(ph)=0.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.33 DEC=62:14:11.05 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.47 DEC=62:14:02.25 z(ph)=2.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.22 DEC=62:14:07.63 z(ph)=0.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.53 DEC=62:14:14.74 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.23 DEC=62:14:14.14 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.35 DEC=62:14:11.54 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.30 DEC=62:14:05.61 z(ph)=2.080 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.78 DEC=62:14:01.18 z(ph)=0.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.50 DEC=62:14:06.75 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)=0.752 RA=12:36:46.03 DEC=62:13:56.38 z(ph)=1.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.58 DEC=62:14:10.40 z(ph)=0.360 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.49 DEC=62:14:04.21 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.14 DEC=62:14:10.41 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.57 DEC=62:14:03.24 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.45 DEC=62:13:56.97 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.39 DEC=62:14:03.00 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.83 DEC=62:13:59.19 z(ph)=2.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.09 DEC=62:14:03.15 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.89 DEC=62:14:21.00 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.56 DEC=62:14:07.79 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.64 DEC=62:14:17.54 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.74 DEC=62:14:03.03 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.63 DEC=62:14:05.84 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.57 DEC=62:14:17.96 z(ph)=0.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.40 DEC=62:14:20.99 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.01 DEC=62:14:01.44 z(ph)=2.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.37 DEC=62:14:05.62 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.37 DEC=62:14:15.32 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.96 DEC=62:14:05.00 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.22 DEC=62:14:11.96 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.87 DEC=62:14:23.26 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.03 DEC=62:14:17.83 z(ph)=3.520 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.73 DEC=62:14:20.28 z(ph)=3.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.18 DEC=62:14:18.85 z(ph)=1.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.19 DEC=62:14:06.79 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.82 DEC=62:14:14.99 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)=2.002 RA=12:36:52.58 DEC=62:14:23.61 z(ph)=3.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.35 DEC=62:14:04.68 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)=0.960 RA=12:36:49.59 DEC=62:14:14.75 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.69 DEC=62:14:09.50 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.51 DEC=62:14:02.81 z(ph)=4.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.39 DEC=62:14:20.91 z(ph)=0.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.12 DEC=62:14:23.20 z(ph)=1.640 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.96 DEC=62:14:10.80 z(ph)=1.120 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.71 DEC=62:14:19.33 z(ph)=1.440 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.86 DEC=62:14:26.20 z(ph)=1.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.35 DEC=62:14:12.36 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.36 DEC=62:14:18.65 z(ph)=0.840 z(sp)=0.816 RA=12:36:46.53 DEC=62:14:07.60 z(ph)=0.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.90 DEC=62:14:18.14 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.40 DEC=62:14:07.67 z(ph)=1.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.61 DEC=62:14:05.55 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.80 DEC=62:14:03.28 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.39 DEC=62:14:08.59 z(ph)=1.560 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.80 DEC=62:14:19.21 z(ph)=1.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.44 DEC=62:14:18.15 z(ph)=3.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.85 DEC=62:14:25.87 z(ph)=1.880 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.10 DEC=62:14:14.46 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.98 DEC=62:14:26.49 z(ph)=0.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:51.67 DEC=62:14:25.89 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.18 DEC=62:14:05.99 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.28 DEC=62:14:07.05 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.16 DEC=62:14:22.09 z(ph)=0.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.32 DEC=62:14:16.61 z(ph)=0.040 z(sp)=2.008 RA=12:36:44.87 DEC=62:14:06.01 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.56 DEC=62:14:18.06 z(ph)=2.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.51 DEC=62:14:21.25 z(ph)=2.320 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:47.18 DEC=62:14:14.24 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)=0.609 RA=12:36:47.59 DEC=62:14:15.70 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.82 DEC=62:14:10.44 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.28 DEC=62:14:30.36 z(ph)=2.480 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.99 DEC=62:14:11.19 z(ph)=2.160 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.24 DEC=62:14:18.44 z(ph)=2.040 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:45.88 DEC=62:14:12.10 z(ph)=1.920 z(sp)=2.427 RA=12:36:46.65 DEC=62:14:15.16 z(ph)=0.920 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.09 DEC=62:14:32.42 z(ph)=1.240 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.25 DEC=62:14:33.14 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:50.55 DEC=62:14:28.51 z(ph)=0.680 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.16 DEC=62:14:09.03 z(ph)=1.280 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.07 DEC=62:14:33.87 z(ph)=1.840 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:49.24 DEC=62:14:25.35 z(ph)=1.600 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:44.07 DEC=62:14:10.05 z(ph)=1.720 z(sp)=2.267 RA=12:36:53.10 DEC=62:14:38.01 z(ph)=0.400 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:43.56 DEC=62:14:08.98 z(ph)=2.200 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:46.41 DEC=62:14:18.28 z(ph)=0.800 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:52.40 DEC=62:14:38.77 z(ph)=0.000 z(sp)= N/A RA=12:36:48.32 DEC=62:14:26.25 z(ph)=0.120 z(sp)=0.139

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