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Phil Armitage

ESS 440
Alan Calder
Associate Professor
supernovae, classical novae, computational astrophysics
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x1176 /
ESS 438
Will Farr
Associate Professor
gravitational wave astrophysics, compact objects, gravitational dynamics, astrostatistics
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ESS 457B
Jin Koda
Associate Professor
galaxies, star formation, molecular gas, and radio interferometry
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x8063 /
ESS 455
Ken Lanzetta
observational cosmology
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x8222 /
ESS 456
James M. Lattimer
Distinguished Professor
supernovae and neutron stars
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x8227 /
ESS 449
Marilena Loverde
Assistant Professor (also YITP)
theoretical cosmology Math 6-103 /
ESS 430
Stan Metchev
Adjunct Professor
brown dwarfs, extrasolar planetary systems
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Rosalba Perna
high-energy astrophysics, cosmology, exoplanets
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ESS 461
Deane Peterson
Emeritus Associate Professor
long baseline optical interferometers
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x8223 / ESS 451
Neelima Sehgal
Associate Professor
observational and theoretical cosmology
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x8229 / ESS 454
Michal Simon
Emeritus Professor and
Research Professor
formation of stars, brown dwarfs, and planets
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x8226 /
ESS 352
F. Douglas Swesty
Research Associate Professor
core collapse supernovae, radiation transport
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x8055 /
ESS 463
Anja von der Linden
Assistant Professor
galaxy clusters, gravitational lensing, observational cosmology
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ESS 453
Frederick M. Walter
galactic astronomy, star formation, stellar coronae and chromospheres, compact objects
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x8232 /
ESS 459
Mike Zingale
Associate Professor
computational astrophysics, Type Ia supernovae, X-ray bursts, novae
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x8225 /
ESS 452
Thejs BrinckmannMath 5-103
Alice HarpoleESS 436
Ricardo HerbonnetESS 434
Nathan Leigh
Sayan Mandal
Graduate Students
Lucie Baumont ESS 443B
Jose Miguel Bautista
Catherine Feldman
Dongwon Han ESS 443C
Drew Jamieson Math 6-117
Shaung Liang ESS 443C
Xinlong Li ESS 443C
Amanda MacInnis
Rugved Pund
Charuhas-Waman Shiveshwarkar
Alexander Smith Clark
Yihan Wang ESS 443C
Tianqi Zhao ESS 443C
Jiani Ye ESS 443C

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