New York Blue (IBM BlueGene/L) @ Brookhaven National Lab (BNL)


Experiences with Parallel I/O and Visualization
    - Talk given at the New York Blue Tutorial Meeting August 4, 2008.

Building/Installing HDF5

Building VisIt at BNL

Install VisIt at BNL

If you don't need to know how to build VisIt and just want to install it, then read the VisIt lisence agreement and then download the binary from the build steps above directly:

Run the following commands to install VisIt: ./visit-install 1.9.1 linux-ppc64_gcc-3.4.6 $HOME/local/visit Answer no network configuration (option 1) and no bank jobs (option 'n').
Create a softlink for the default architecture: ln -s $HOME/local/visit/1.9.1/bin $HOME/local/visit/1.9.1/linux-intel Be sure that the visit executable is in your path. For the example above, this would be "$HOME/local/visit/bin".

Setting up Remote Access via SSH-Tunneling

Use VisIt with the Visualization Cluster at BNL