PHY 277: Computation for Physics and Astronomy

Fall 2011

Place and Time:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:20 - 9:25 AM in the Math Lab (S 235)

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An introduction to computing on UNIX/Linux computers. Fundamentals of using UNIX/Linux to write computer programs for numerical algorithms to solve computational physics and astronomy problems. Assignments are carried out in a high-level compiler programming language such as Fortran 90 or C++ and require extensive use of SINC site computers outside the classroom. Prerequisite: PHY 125, 126, 127; or PHY 131, 132, 133, 134; or PHY 141, 142; AMS 151 or MAT 126 or 131 or 141 Advisory Prerequisite: AMS 161 or MAT 127 or 132 or 142 or 171. 3 credits.


Prof. Alan Calder
Email: acalder "at", Office: ESS 438, Phone: 632-1176

Lectures, homeworks, etc:

All lecture materials will be on Blackboard


Version 1.05 Available here and on Blackboard.

Useful links for PHY 277:

The University of Utah Unix Tutorial
The University of Surrey Unix Tutorial
Unix file system tutorial
Emacs Reference Card
Vi Reference Card
Configuring the bash shell
The tar command
Opus Software Makefile Tutorial
Getting Started with LaTeX by David Wilkins
Gnuplot Tutorial
W3C Markup Validation Service
Astrophysics Data System
LLNL Parallel Computing Tutorial
Applet for accessing Math Lab machines. Thanks to Prof. Marivi Fernandez-Serra!

Note that students are encouraged to submit helpful web sites to the instructor for inclusion in this list!

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