AST 100: Astronomy Today

Fall 2010

Place and Time:

Monday 3:50 - 4:45 PM in ESS 450

Course Web Page:


Prof. Michael Zingale
Email: mzingale "at", Office: ESS 440, Phone: 632-8225
Prof. Alan Calder
Email: acalder "at", Office: ESS 438, Phone: 632-1176

Lectures, homeworks, etc:

All lecture materials will be on Blackboard


Available here

Meeting Schedule:

date first speaker second speaker
Aug. 30 Organization and Overview of Stars
Sept. 6 no class meeting
Sept. 13 Overview of Galaxies and Cosmology
Sept. 20 Overview of Solar System and Life
Sept. 27 Holly Vandalen
Supernova 1987A
Nick Snarski
Direct Searches for Dark Matter
Oct. 4 Jane Park
Torrey Chiang
Black Holes
Oct. 11 Anton Boulantsov
Olbers Paradox
Kevin McAuley
Oct. 18 Dylan Distefano
Kepler Spacecraft
Prof. Zingale
The Decadal Survey
Oct. 25 Prof. Zingale
Computing in Astronomy
Nov. 1 Seulgee Lee
Herschel Telescope
Cory Walker
Extrasolar Planets
Nov. 8 Alex Owens
An Interesting Topic
Hyemin Jeon
Nov. 15 Philip Santos
Dark Energy
Nitin Varughese
Hubble Space Telescope
Nov. 22 Adam Labruzzo
Comets (rescheduled)
Philip Santos
Dark Energy (rescheduled)
Nov. 29 Donald Henken
The NASA Astrobiology Roadmap
Jing Yu Huang
Gamma-ray Bursts
Dec. 6 Jing Yu Huang
Gamma-ray Bursts
Nuclei in the Cosmos and Type Ia Supernovae
Meetings may be re-scheduled or changed depending on enrollment

Links to Astronomy and Astrophysics Resources:

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Sky at a Glance (Sky and Telescope)
Results from HUBBLE
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
National Optical Astronomy Observatory
Bad Astronomy
Hayden Planetarium

Standard Syllabus Information:

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